Wednesday, April 8, 2015 is my new favorite Playground!

I met my girl on Twitter, but you can't tell me this chick isn't a Homegirl after my own heart.  She watches the same reality tv shows I do and since she and I have awesome convo during many shows on #Twitter, I knew that her take on what she has seen would be priceless.


There are so many blogs that offer recaps, however I have never been one to read them. I just look for the embed or the link that allows me to see it for myself.  This is no disrespect to any of the many sites that posts this type of content, but none really spoke to me in a voice that I rocked with until now.  Please see an excerpt on #BloodSweatandHeels:

Melyssa Ford, Woman of Many Hats

"I don't know if Melyssa still sells houses, don't get me the lying, but she does have a satirical comedy musical coming out.... What in Tyler Perry hell? The musical is called "For Vixen Who Considered Homicide, When the Video Was Too Much" (ya'll are going to stop mocking my auntie Ntozake's work, but I digress). The musical is based on Melyssa's book and is based on actual events and thoughts that she's had." Credit: Tatyana-Jenene - HipHopHomegirl! Please click the link to: Read More.
PhillyzJamPoet's Take: 

I was looking at the TV like...well honestly my first thought was: WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOUR FOUNDATION'S....ORANGE! - We all know that the confessional lighting was horrible! Fix THAT - E-MEGITLY!

Back to Melyssa's play, So Im' thinking...well wait, honestly my second thought was:
 Why does this part look like a river has ran through it?
This is not an all the time thing which is a relief, but I am all about hair so of course the reality shows are like 2 for 1 for me.  Hair IS A SHOW IN ITSELF!  I will say if a Highway Wide part is your only issue than you are doing the dang thing!  Her body looks amazing, the hair quality looks extremely nice.  If I had a word of advice to offer, it would just be to allow her hair to rest, change the part, and find low manipulation hairstyles.  A natural part that is that big is signs of hair thinning.  This is an easy spot for people who live in weaves.  Additionally, this applies to creatures of habit.  If you are the sister that has had the same part since french rolls with the pearl bobby pins were in style, I need you to redirect your comb.  Okay Okay - I digress...

This musical, I will be honest I did not get it.  I wasn't here for the title (only one can have a title that long...the original.)  If I have to take a breath and your whole title is not out of my mouth, I have a problem.  Heck, the title takes up most of your characters on Twitter!  I love me a musical!  You are talking to someone who will throw her hat in the air in Harlem singing the HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC!  ----HOWEVER!!!....

I have a bit of bias because I am more of a person that is like, screw all that - "Watch Me Work".  My friend Whyte Chocolate was a well known vixen in Atlanta and I don't care what anyone has to say, she rode those rocky waters and got out before her soul sunk like that Titanic.  She took what she had done and built off of it.  This lady has a thriving business and she is busy minding hers while she is CONSTANTLY on people's mind.  I have a sincere respect for that and it's not a far reach for Melyssa.  Girl, as long as you give it any energy, acknowledgement, or credence you have proven to those designed only to down you that they still have power to govern over what defines you.  NO MAAM.  When I saw the show play out, despite it's hiccups I could understand the vision.  Call me crazy, but with the right talent, budget, and venue it could actually be a success.  It would just have to be one Blood, Sweat, and HELL of a show get critical acclaim.  

In short, I just took one snippet to give my PhillyzJamPoet slant and place my PhillyzJamPoet STAMP on this site. I love it and I just might reply to a few more, if you are tempted to do so, I say doooooo iiit!  I will sit here eating cheese and cackling at what anyone has to say.

If you find me making commentary on these shows, I will most certainly insert my opinion on certain things, but my focus - HAIR!  I figure the best way to offer you live examples and keep the teaching going is to pull from pop culture!  We can have a good ol time and learn about hair!

Ya Girl, Philly.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

PhillyzMotivation: I Am Lupus, Hear Me Roar

The only thing I have to say...

Dear Lupus, You can't bring me down today.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

RED By Kiss Ceramic Root Straightener 4 Edges

I have again been wowed by RED by Kiss!  In the MyLittleSecretsOnline Steam-A-Thon video, I mentioned an #edgestick.

You saw the stylist using it around the perimeter of my hair to lay down those edges without a straggling comb, an inordinate amount of heat, and any other tool you fear will either burn you or heat damage your hair in the process.  I never really had a desire to have one since I had a steady hairdresser.  The times have changed and now I have been kicked out of the hairstylists nest once again!  When you find a good beautician, you instantly turn 10 and want to wrap yourself around their legs and beg them not to go!

***Sigh, I digress*** "Tis the season to do my own hair and I know enough to keep the engine going, I am just one of those people who have a ton of hair and do not feel like being bothered with it.  Yes, I will play in wigs all day, but would rather pay someone to ensure my own hair is right.  ALL MY LIFE I HAD TO FIGHT!!! (WITH MY HAIR THAT IS).  I had to FIGHT MY TANGLES, I had to fight the thickness! Life already packs a mean two piece and a biscuit, I just do not wish to fight with my hair!

I have said before I am in love with their wands, but when I finally broke down looking for an edge stick the choice was between. The very purdy 

Azure EdgeStick (Black) Edge Control Styling Tool (Temp: 200°F - 450°F) Professional Model.

This little baby right here is beautiful, but I just didn't have the ends to shell out on this very gorgeous model.  Of course I set my search on Ebay and if I come up on an auction that I cannot refuse, I will upgrade.  Red by Kiss had my back in making a comparable tool at a much cheaper price.  Again, I looked all over and decided that an Ebay auction was the best way to go.  I believe I got this for $10.99 + 5.95 shipping or something like that.  I do know for sure it was less than $20 bucks and you can't beat that with a bat.  

RED by KISS Ceramic Root Straightener 3/8" Model #SCO035 

Not as PRETTY, POLISHED, OR PRISTINE as the one above, but she gets the job done.  As you can see, she does not have a digital face, but the 1/2" root straightener I ended up getting heats up to 450 degrees.  My KITCHEN laid down just fine at 350.  DO YOU HEAR ME...THE KITCHEN!
I don't know about you but my kitchens be snapping peas with Idella from Driving Miss Daisy, listening to the King speech on the black and white television.  Imagine THAT struggle!

Red by Kiss ain't thinking about me for nobody's paid endorsement.  Especially not when they have Jass and Derek J over there in life-size cutouts holding Red products.  When you have THAT? You don't need a JAM.  All I know is all is well in the world, I straightened the perimeter in my head and therefore there is no civil unrest or BEAD DE BEAD marchers across the perimeter of my head and I owe it all to Red and EBAY.  Anytime I hear the word or name RED, I think about the Five Heartbeats, "Big Red"..."Jimmy, it has been a LONG time" - - - My office hours are from 9 to 5!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snowing & Still Struggling With Hair Moisture

It is 2:19pm in Georgia and I am about to see the snow fall.  My hair is dry again and I am impatiently waiting for my Sally's order to come in because this winter is especially brutal on my hair.  This is the time where you will see a lot of shed.  I talked about shedding seasons in my book and it really goes into depth about what to expect so you can ensure you achieve the most #lengthretention possible.

I am moving on to the next treatment.  It will consist of a moisture mask composed of:

Ion Color Defense Intense Moisture

Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Leave-In Conditioner

Mixed Chicks Detangling Conditioner

I will do something similar to this, but I will not the Shampoo.  I am going to preheat the oil, just because my parts have stayed their line, my hairline has minded it's business, Georgia will shut down due to snow flurries and I THINK I DESERVE A HOT OIL TREATMENT!

Sidenote: I will eat Cinnamon Pecan Special K with Almond Milk (pretend it's Cinnamon Toast Crunch) while watching Top 5 with there hubster, kid, and dogs.

I will combine this on my hair after I have #cowashed and dried it with one of my husband's cotton Tshirts.  I have no plans to go anywhere so I will cover it with a conditioner cap and turban and give that a full day.

Last Step:  Steam for 50 minutes and rinse with cool water!

If you try the same thing, let me know how it works for you!
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hair growth Journey Tips & First Steps

I received an interesting question via email and she stated, “How can I get my hair’s groove back?”  I cannot even take credit for such an awesome title, so please allow me to thank you for the inspiration of this article.  I am sure it will help a lot of people.
Here are the high points of what people ask me.  I decided for fun’s sake to put them in the category of:
  1. Damaged/Hair
  2. Breakage
  3. Split End or Split Up The Shaft
  4. Dry & Brittle
  5. Thinning
What I am about to tell you is not Earth shattering,  It is not some secret potion made with a lock of Rapunzel’s hair that I stole from a mad scientist, and it is not new.
There are some very simple things that will assist you on your Hair Health/Hair Growth Journey that if taken seriously will really work.
Drink Water – As a baseline, I drink no less than 64 or 66 ounces of water daily.

Why is this important?

  1. This assists in moisturizing from the inside out
  2. It will assist to minimize dandruff

  • Have a Coke & A Smile and Be happy – So, actually the Coke defeats the purpose of water so scratch Coke. Let’s go with Don’t Worry be Happy.

Why is this important?
  • Stress is a very real thing and it can make you sick, lose your hair, and ultimately kill you.  A person with less stress is also a happier person.  Please trust and believe if you plant a seed it needs water and sunshine to grow.  Plants grow towards the light.  Be that light for your hair.  I promise being a happier and less stressed lady has really given my hair and skin an amazing break and incredible improvement

  • ROTATION! ROTATION! ROTATION! – Did you all of a sudden have Déjà vu?  You should, because I will repeat this until I am blue in the face.  Matter of fact, if I pass away please make sure my tombstone says…ROTATION ROTATION ROTATION!  People who walk by will say, Oh Yeah, that’s Jam. (kidding).

  • Rotation is key for long lasting protective styles yes, however it is very important for your natural hair as well.

Try not to do these things too much or have these hairstyles over 7 days:
  • Ponytails – Natural with Hair Tie & Drawstring
    • Ponytails cause tension around the temples if pulled to tight.  Additionally, depending on the type of hair tie you use, it can pull out your hair if you do not know how to use it properly.  Even when you do, ever notice you have hair wrapped around the elastic bands? Try not to EVER use the elastic hair ties that has the metal on it.

Drawstring ponytails have combs that if placed in the same place will also break off the hair in the spot that you’ve placed it. It can actually wear the hair down and thin in that spot. The drawstring can also cause the hair to wrap around and become tangled. (HELLO BREAKAGE!).

**Extra Tip: Try using banana clips. As “old school” as people like to regard them, they can offer you a nice ponytail with little pulling and tension on the edges.  As an added bonus it will offer a little more length to your ponytail

  1. Flat Ironed Hair
  2. Curled hair With Curling Irons
  3. Roller Sets
  4. Wigs with combs
  5. Half Wigs
  6. Buns – Unless you are watching videos on moisture sealing, buns can be drying

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s continue with the list.

  • Co-Washing
    • Please be sure to refer to the articles and videos for the proper steps.  The moisture and softness benefits are priceless.  I use Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner and I prefer that over all else, however if you use a different conditioner please ensure that it is moisturizing and detangling

  • Scalp Massage using Essential Oils
    • A periodic massage is great for relaxation, but also stimulating the follicles for growth.  You can use scents that smell good (i.e. Lavender & Vanilla).  I personally love the Argon Moroccan Oil and Doo Gro Stimulating Growth Oil

  • Steaming
    • There are many cost efficient options with steaming, but the ultimate “WOO HOO” is the moisture locking.   Please consult the article and video on steaming and your options of what to use.

  • **EXTRA TIP – Be sure to rinse your hair with cool water to ensure everything is locked in. After you Co-wash and Steam, as good as Warm or Hot Water feels, resist the temptation and rinse with cool water.

Best of Luck and a lot of Love to your hair on your journey.

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When looking for hair, most people would like natural looking “believable” hair.  Here are my recommendations for wigs and wig textures that should help people say these phrases:

Is that your hair?

I can’t believe it’s not your hair?

That wig looks so real?!?!
That wig looks like a really awesome sew in!!

Weave/Extension Textures:

Chinese Virgin
Italian Yaki
Texture graded hair
Aurora Classic Perm Yaki
Kinky Straight

Wigs should be the same texture as above.  Here are a few wigs I own where the texture and quality was great:

  1. Rpgshow Yaki Straight – I can’t vouch for anything else, but the Yaki Straight is a sure winner.
  2. Aurora Classic Perm Full Lace Wig – This has become hard to find as a wig for reasons I don’t know, however here is the YouTube link:

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

TMG Premium Hair Extensions Barbados Contest

Over a Dozen Winners!

1 Grand Prize Winner will be chosen by a panel of judges. TMG, PhillyzJamPoet, Tara Avril, and a special Surprise guest judge will rate the videos on a scale of 1-10. The highest blended score will be the selected model and win a 6 day 5 night Crop Over 2015 package trip to Barbados and participate in a professional photo shoot on the island.

1 People's Choice Award Winner with the highest blended score of number of views and likes, will be featured on 

12 Runners-up will be rewarded with a BEAT ELITE Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt & a 30% off coupon towards their next purchase.  Tag us so that we can feature you on our social media and website!  We love beautiful faces.

 Here are the rules!

You Must be 18 years or older
You must be travel eligible with all necessary clearances and paperwork
Must be a Subscriber to TMGPremiumHairExtensions & TheModernGirlTV YouTube channels
Must be a subscriber of PhillyzJamPoet's Channel
Must have Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook to upload eligible videos

You are required to purchase a minimum of 3 bundles of hair
Closures are optional
Use the discount code: PhillyzJamPoetHair (Major Discount!)

Your video must contain unboxing & proof you are using the TMG Hair you purchased.  There are no restrictions on texture.  The Modern Girl has many faces and you should not be limited to your texture options or lengths.

Use these keywords to tag your video: TMG Premium Hair Extensions, The Modern Girl Premium Hair Extensions, PhillyzJamPoet Hair, PhillyzJamPoet Hairgrowth, TMG Model Search

These are the REQUIRED TAGS for eligible entry.  Missing tags will NOT be uploaded to TheModernGirlTV.  Only videos that have met all the entry requirements will be uploaded to the channel.  We'd suggest using your texture in the keywords, what inspired you, celebrity inspired, etc.  

Once your video is complete, please email a link to

You will receive an invoice to pay your $25 contest entry fee via PayPal (you do not have to have a PayPal account, your major credit or debit cards are accepted).

The $25 contest entry fee is currently on promotion.  Once the promotion expires at 11:59 pm on February 28th, all other entries are $50.

Once you have paid your fee, your video will be uploaded to TheModernGirlTV

Check the channel for Your Video.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Product Picks For Growing Hair in The Winter

I have spent thousands of dollars searching for the right products for my hair.  I have had some epic failures (that will be in an upcoming post) and I have had some close calls, but these products have proven to serve me extremely well when it comes to #Hairgrowth, #HairLengthRetention, & #Moisture.  The winter is my shedding season and it is ridiculously hard on my hair and skin.  I follow the $truggle Buck$ Hair Hu$tle! I do not have the coin to spend on a ton of hair products.  These products are so awesome because I use them on my hair and I use them on my wigs.  No matter what texture or what rolls in the door, these products below works awesome on every last strand of hair I come across.  The oils and the mousse I have listed work on your hair AND YOUR SKIN! --- **Click Click - Boom** KNOCK EM DOWN JAM! BLOW THEIR MINDS JAM! GROW THEIR HAIR JAM!
H.A.I.R. - Hair


  • Conditions, nourishes and increases manageability 
  • Restores strength and moisture 
  • For weak, damaged hair

Ion Reconstructor repairs and restructures seriously damaged and stressed hair. After one use, hair will be stronger and more manageable. Increases elasticity and moisture, while guarding against further chemical, appliance and environmental damage.

Click To See Where I Buy
Essence Magazine, "Beauty Best Sellers List" 2008

KNOT TODAY TM is a creamy herbal conditioner and detangler designed to smooth the cuticle and remove knots, snarls and tangles from thick curly textured hair.

After washing hair, apply KNOT TODAY TM generously and work through troubled areas with a wide tooth comb.

Can be used as a regular rinse out conditioner for wavy hair or as a leave-in for thicker curlier hair types. An excellent product to use after removing braids and extensions.

**TIP- When using this product as a leave-in, apply in the shower and rinse with a little water to evenly distribute the conditioner.

I will usually go to Target to purchase this personally (Hey Nicole!).  If I cannot make it or if I find better deals, it is usually through or the Kinky Curly website.

  • Moisturizes and conditions the hair
  • Leaves hair smooth and silky 
  • 100% Vegan, Paraben Free
  • Helps maintain color

Ion Color Defense Intense Moisture provides deep daily moisturizing to protect and maintain all types of color-treated hair. Leaves hair vibrant, shiny, smooth and manageable.

I own both of these shampoos and it depends on the person as to what I use.  Ready and I have use this consistently in the Ready Room Suites.  For most of the Clients we used the Sulfate Free.  I personally prefer the clarifying if I am to wash my hair at home.  There is really no difference, it is a matter of preference to the person. They are both awesome and they do not strip your hair of moisture.  If you are curious of the distinctions between the two, check this out:

Sulfate Free

Mixed Chicks mild SULFATE FREE shampoo gets straight, wavy & curly hair clean without stripping. 

Color safe
Works on chemically treated hair

Clarifying Shampoo

MIXED CHICKS shampoo gets straight, wavy and curly hair squeaky clean. 

Rich lather
Removes build-up
Works on nearly all textures

All Mixed Chicks Products can be found 


You can also find it at your local Bed Bath and Beyond or Target

Mixed Chicks replenishing-oil is derived from all natural essential oils. This calming and delicately scented healing potion will rejuvenate and moisturize your 
skin, hair, & scalp.

Repairs & moisturizes
For skin & hair
Rose hips help with age spots, wrinkles, scars & burns
May heal eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis

This detangling hair product works on straight, wavy, curly, or tightly curled hair.

Softens, moisturizes & detangles
Humecta y desenreda

GROWING HEALTHY HAIR: our deep reduces breakage
less breakage = stronger longer hair!

Coco Liqueur hair elixir

Popular uses: stimulate hair growth, hot oil treatments, scalp massages, heat protectant, relieve dry scalp
Key Ingredients: Jamaican black castor, grapeseed oil, tea tree oil, vitamin e oil, argan oil, avocado oil

Shea Mousse hair & body butter

Popular uses: treating dry skin, cracked cuticles, stretch marks, dry feet, eczema, dry scalp, everyday use after showering, & natural hair styling

Key ingredients: pure shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil. sweet almond oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, tea tree oil, & vitamin e oil.

Stay Connected!  You can have all my information and
 social media in one app! It's Free

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Preserve Your Edges & Skin While Wearing Your Wigs

I was watching Countess Vaughn on “Unsung” and she mentioned something that caused my mouth to be gapped open for about 10 minutes.  In the episode she mentioned she got a lace wig and the glue she used to adhere the wig actually poisoned her.  She stated that she her skin began to peel and ask she talked about it, I was mortified.  I wanted for her to say what glue she used so badly so I could warn you away from the evils of that product!

Alas, she did not mention it and I am sure for legal reasons, but this inspired the article because I have many people who have the same issues with the following:

  • Edges thinning or balding at the side
  • Tape allergies
  • Wig Allergies
  • Temple and Edge tenderness from wig combs

Please take a look at my tips for wearing your protective hairstyles.

True Glue Less Method is the Elastic Band
  • You can go to Walmart or any fabric store and buy elastic bands
  • Measure your head and cut the length of the band
  • Sew the band on each side of the unit just under the ear tabs

Glueless Wigs comes with combs – BEWARE OF OVER USING COMBS
  • Edges can become tender while having the combs positioned. Tenderness is not good this means it is pulling at your hair and skin
  • Relieve the tension by repositioning the comb or releasing the comb completely
  • If you wear your wig daily try to use the adjustable straps more than the combs
  • If you use combs try placing them in a different spot so you do not wear your hair in one section
  • Be sure to give your hair a resting period
  • Straight back braids are okay for laying down hair, but remember they don’t protect your hair as well as the “Beehive” braid method

Full Lace Wigs
  • You can use Glue or Tape
  • A technique is to place the tape on your wig cap versus on your hairline
  • You can sew combs to your wig – SallyBeautySupply carries them

This is my preference, but I will say that if I were to rank the best methods for wearing wigs and having them lay nice and flat, secure and real, and safe for your edges are in this order:

  1. Elastic Band
  2. Bobby Pins
  3. Adjustable Straps Only
  4. Taping to wig cap
  5. Adjustable Straps and Combs
  6. Combs

I have been wearing wigs using only these methods and I still have edges and baby hair.  These work extremely well and remember the key to preserving hair (YOUR OWN OR YOUR WIG is…ROTATION, ROTATION, ROTATION!!!)

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Step-By-Step DIY Wig Making

Take a Deep Breath 

You are about to make a wig!  Before you start into doing a wig with hair that you absolutely love, you may want to consider doing a few practice rounds with a sewing cap and some synthetic hair.  As a general tip, the model packs are fantastic! They come with all the tracks pre-cut and they are less than 20 bucks not including the tax and delivery.

If you are reading this from my kit, follow the directions below and remember you can substitute a dome cap or weaving cap for practice.

Closure Preparation

If you are using a lace closure please be sure to follow the knot bleaching instructions
If you have a silk top closure, there is nothing you need to do besides cut the excess lace from the edges

After bleaching a lace closure, be sure to take either a wig cap or a knee high that is close to your scalp color and sew onto the closure.  This will be sewn along the outer side of the closure and not in the front.

Needle Tips:
You can view the video if you’re unsure of this description. However, you want to sew the same direction every time.  You will take your “C” needle and place it on the underside of your track and base in a “Scoop” motion.  You can also see this as a backwards “J”. The motion of your sewing should be Scoop In and pull out.

For your tracks be sure to sew just under your weft if you put your needle through it, you can break the weft or cause it to separate.  Ensure that just under still catches the tread and allows your track to stay put.

Sewing of First Track

  • Position the Wig Cap on your Wig head of choice upside down
  • Make sure the straps that tighten your wig are in the back (this is the back of your wig)
  • Start at the bottom and take your longest hair bundle (if you have different lengths of hair)
  • Measure the beginning of the track in a straight line across the back (this will not be a long straight line nor will it be U-shaped.)
  • Sew this line straight across the underside of your cap

Now that that is complete, flip your cap back over.

At this point you can place it on your head just to see how the hair on the underside falls or you can place it back on the wig head.

Closure Placement

Place your closure at the top of the wig cap.  There are guidelines on your wig cap that will give you an idea of where to place the closure.

  • Once your closure is placed you will sew around the closure onto the wig cap
  • Be sure to sew down the sides and the back
  • DO NOT SEW THE FRONT – (I know you are concerned about how would it lie down flat, however there are two ways to resolve that 1. Elastic Band or 2. Glue/Tape – We will get to that later)

(See Video if you are unsure. The Pictorial Video of PrincessHairShop Mongolian Kinky Curly has helpful pictures)

Now that your closure is on you are ready to sew your tracks.

Sewing Your Tracks

  • You have sewn a track to the underside of the wig, so be sure to start your track right above that one.  (Your thread will serve as a guideline.)
  • Begin sewing your tracks straight across, practice spacing with your index finger to serve as a measurement.  The tracks should be finger width apart.

Question: Are you folding over or cutting?

Fold over Method

  • The fold over method is where you never cut the tracks or wefts until you are above the ear.
  • If you are sewing across, you will simply fold the track over just above your sewn track and continue to sew.
  • The reason why you do not fold above the ear is because the folds will cause bumps and puffiness on the edges.  Your wig will not lie flat or smooth.

What are the benefits of folding over?
  1. You do not cut your wefts which will offer minimal shedding
  2. Your process will move faster

Sewing Tracks while cutting the wefts

Using this method I would suggest you sew along your base and cut once you reached the end

If you sew onto the elastic part of the cap it will restrict it causing it not to fit on your head.  You would hate to sit and sew for hours only to find that the cap does not fit on your head.  Stop short of the elastic and allow yourself time to continue to take the wig off the mannequin and try it on.

  • Continue to sew across stopping short of the elastic band
  • As you move above the ear you will begin to start placing your tacks in a U-Shape
  • Continue to sew all the way up until you meet your closure
  • You can sew a track right on top of the outside of the track where you sewed the closure (this will cover your outer edges and any flesh colored cap or nylon that shows outside the closure)

Cutting Around The Closure

  • Once you have completed all your sewing, flip your cap over
  • You will take your scissors and cut inside of your sew track so the closure is free from having the cap on the underside

Why are you doing this? 

  • It allows the front to stay flatter
  • It will give your parting a more realistic look

Wig Clips

You can sew these clips all along the outside edges of your wig for extra hold

Elastic Band

Because you have a lace closure in the front you will be sewing your on both sides of the closure vs. sewing on the under side of the ear tab.

In a regular situation, you would be sewing under the ear tab for a wig you have purchased.

Be sure to measure your band around your head before you start, to ensure if you need to make adjustments to your band length before sewing.

  • Place your band on the outside left of your closure, be sure you are sewing the outside and not in the lace
  • Sew the band to the closure and be sure to secure it taunt (DO NOT PULL TIGHT) just ensure it is taunt
  • Tie off your thread once you are complete
  • Place your band on the outside right of your closure and repeat the action
  • Once you are complete, you should be able to put the wig on by putting the band on your head first
  • The elastic band should be taught enough where it will flatten your closure and secure your wig, it should not be so tight that you feel your eye is about to pop out of your socket.
  • Additionally, your elastic band should not cause a headache.  If this happens, your band is too tight and cut too short for your head.  
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