Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Step-By-Step DIY Wig Making

Take a Deep Breath 

You are about to make a wig!  Before you start into doing a wig with hair that you absolutely love, you may want to consider doing a few practice rounds with a sewing cap and some synthetic hair.  As a general tip, the model packs are fantastic! They come with all the tracks pre-cut and they are less than 20 bucks not including the tax and delivery.

If you are reading this from my kit, follow the directions below and remember you can substitute a dome cap or weaving cap for practice.

Closure Preparation

If you are using a lace closure please be sure to follow the knot bleaching instructions
If you have a silk top closure, there is nothing you need to do besides cut the excess lace from the edges

After bleaching a lace closure, be sure to take either a wig cap or a knee high that is close to your scalp color and sew onto the closure.  This will be sewn along the outer side of the closure and not in the front.

Needle Tips:
You can view the video if you’re unsure of this description. However, you want to sew the same direction every time.  You will take your “C” needle and place it on the underside of your track and base in a “Scoop” motion.  You can also see this as a backwards “J”. The motion of your sewing should be Scoop In and pull out.

For your tracks be sure to sew just under your weft if you put your needle through it, you can break the weft or cause it to separate.  Ensure that just under still catches the tread and allows your track to stay put.

Sewing of First Track

  • Position the Wig Cap on your Wig head of choice upside down
  • Make sure the straps that tighten your wig are in the back (this is the back of your wig)
  • Start at the bottom and take your longest hair bundle (if you have different lengths of hair)
  • Measure the beginning of the track in a straight line across the back (this will not be a long straight line nor will it be U-shaped.)
  • Sew this line straight across the underside of your cap

Now that that is complete, flip your cap back over.

At this point you can place it on your head just to see how the hair on the underside falls or you can place it back on the wig head.

Closure Placement

Place your closure at the top of the wig cap.  There are guidelines on your wig cap that will give you an idea of where to place the closure.

  • Once your closure is placed you will sew around the closure onto the wig cap
  • Be sure to sew down the sides and the back
  • DO NOT SEW THE FRONT – (I know you are concerned about how would it lie down flat, however there are two ways to resolve that 1. Elastic Band or 2. Glue/Tape – We will get to that later)

(See Video if you are unsure. The Pictorial Video of PrincessHairShop Mongolian Kinky Curly has helpful pictures)

Now that your closure is on you are ready to sew your tracks.

Sewing Your Tracks

  • You have sewn a track to the underside of the wig, so be sure to start your track right above that one.  (Your thread will serve as a guideline.)
  • Begin sewing your tracks straight across, practice spacing with your index finger to serve as a measurement.  The tracks should be finger width apart.

Question: Are you folding over or cutting?

Fold over Method

  • The fold over method is where you never cut the tracks or wefts until you are above the ear.
  • If you are sewing across, you will simply fold the track over just above your sewn track and continue to sew.
  • The reason why you do not fold above the ear is because the folds will cause bumps and puffiness on the edges.  Your wig will not lie flat or smooth.

What are the benefits of folding over?
  1. You do not cut your wefts which will offer minimal shedding
  2. Your process will move faster

Sewing Tracks while cutting the wefts

Using this method I would suggest you sew along your base and cut once you reached the end

If you sew onto the elastic part of the cap it will restrict it causing it not to fit on your head.  You would hate to sit and sew for hours only to find that the cap does not fit on your head.  Stop short of the elastic and allow yourself time to continue to take the wig off the mannequin and try it on.

  • Continue to sew across stopping short of the elastic band
  • As you move above the ear you will begin to start placing your tacks in a U-Shape
  • Continue to sew all the way up until you meet your closure
  • You can sew a track right on top of the outside of the track where you sewed the closure (this will cover your outer edges and any flesh colored cap or nylon that shows outside the closure)

Cutting Around The Closure

  • Once you have completed all your sewing, flip your cap over
  • You will take your scissors and cut inside of your sew track so the closure is free from having the cap on the underside

Why are you doing this? 

  • It allows the front to stay flatter
  • It will give your parting a more realistic look

Wig Clips

You can sew these clips all along the outside edges of your wig for extra hold

Elastic Band

Because you have a lace closure in the front you will be sewing your on both sides of the closure vs. sewing on the under side of the ear tab.

In a regular situation, you would be sewing under the ear tab for a wig you have purchased.

Be sure to measure your band around your head before you start, to ensure if you need to make adjustments to your band length before sewing.

  • Place your band on the outside left of your closure, be sure you are sewing the outside and not in the lace
  • Sew the band to the closure and be sure to secure it taunt (DO NOT PULL TIGHT) just ensure it is taunt
  • Tie off your thread once you are complete
  • Place your band on the outside right of your closure and repeat the action
  • Once you are complete, you should be able to put the wig on by putting the band on your head first
  • The elastic band should be taught enough where it will flatten your closure and secure your wig, it should not be so tight that you feel your eye is about to pop out of your socket.
  • Additionally, your elastic band should not cause a headache.  If this happens, your band is too tight and cut too short for your head.  
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Quick Tips For Jumpstarting Your Hair Growth Journey

Simple Steps to Getting Your Hairs Groove Back

I received an interesting question via email and she stated, “How can I get my hair’s groove back?”  I cannot even take credit for such an awesome title, so please allow me to thank you for the inspiration of this article.  I am sure it will help a lot of people.

Here are the high points of what people ask me.  I decided for fun’s sake to put them in the category of: 


  • Damaged/Hair
  • Breakage
  • Split End or Split Up The Shaft
  • Dry & Brittle
  • Thinning

What I am about to tell you is not Earth shattering,  It is not some secret potion made with a lock of Rapunzel’s hair that I stole from a mad scientist, and it is not new.

There are some very simple things that will assist you on your Hair Health/Hair Growth Journey that if taken seriously will really work.


  • Drink Water – As a baseline, I drink no less than 64 or 66 ounces of water daily.
    • Why is this important?
      • This assists in moisturizing from the inside out
      • It will assist to minimize dandruff

  • Have a Coke & A Smile and Be happy – So, actually the Coke defeats the purpose of water so scratch Coke. Let’s go with Don’t Worry be Happy.
    • Why is this important?
      • Stress is a very real thing and it can make you sick, lose your hair, and ultimately kill you.  A person with less stress is also a happier person.  Please trust and believe if you plant a seed it needs water and sunshine to grow.  Plants grow towards the light.  Be that light for your hair.  I promise being a happier and less stressed lady has really given my hair and skin an amazing break and incredible improvement

  • ROTATION! ROTATION! ROTATION! – Did you all of a sudden have Déjà vu?  You should, because I will repeat this until I am blue in the face.  Matter of fact, if I pass away please make sure my tombstone says…ROTATION ROTATION ROTATION!  People who walk by will say, Oh Yeah, that’s Jam. (kidding).

  • Rotation is key for long lasting protective styles yes, however it is very important for your natural hair as well.  

Try not to do these things too much or have these hairstyles over 7 days:

  • Ponytails – Natural with Hair Tie & Drawstring
    • Ponytails cause tension around the temples if pulled to tight.  Additionally, depending on the type of hair tie you use, it can pull out your hair if you do not know how to use it properly.  Even when you do, ever notice you have hair wrapped around the elastic bands? Try not to EVER use the elastic hair ties that has the metal on it.
    • Drawstring ponytails have combs that if placed in the same place will also break off the hair in the spot that you’ve placed it. It can actually wear the hair down and thin in that spot. The drawstring can also cause the hair to wrap around and become tangled. (HELLO BREAKAGE!).

  • **Extra Tip: Try using banana clips. As “old school” as people like to regard them, they can offer you a nice ponytail with little pulling and tension on the edges.  As an added bonus it will offer a little more length to your ponytail

    1. Flat Ironed Hair
    2. Curled hair With Curling Irons
    3. Roller Sets
    4. Wigs with combs
    5. Half Wigs
    6. Buns – Unless you are watching videos on moisture sealing, buns can be drying.
Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s continue with the list.

  • Co-Washing
    • Please be sure to refer to the articles and videos for the proper steps.  The moisture and softness benefits are priceless.  I use Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner and I prefer that over all else, however if you use a different conditioner please ensure that it is moisturizing and detangling

  • Scalp Massage using Essential Oils
    • A periodic massage is great for relaxation, but also stimulating the follicles for growth.  You can use scents that smell good (i.e. Lavender & Vanilla).  I personally love the Argon Moroccan Oil and Doo Gro Stimulating Growth Oil

  • Steaming 
    • There are many cost efficient options with steaming, but the ultimate “WOO HOO” is the moisture locking.  Please consult the article and video on steaming and your options of what to use.  

  • **EXTRA TIP – Be sure to rinse your hair with cool water to ensure everything is locked in. After you Co-wash and Steam, as good as Warm or Hot Water feels, resist the temptation and rinse with cool water.

Best of Luck and a lot of Love to your hair on your journey.

Don't forget I have a free app available in the App Store and Google Play, Just keyword search: PhillyzJamPoet Hair
If you're looking for more growth tips at your fingertips:

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Mixed Chicks Rocks

The Curly Revolution is Real!

If you follow my channel, you know I am a huge fan of Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner.  Once I found this, my hair was thanking me on some #FlowAndFollow type time.  I made the mistake of letting the comments on my videos drive my decision to try other products to see what works.  That was the biggest mistake I could have made!  I tried other products the Doo Gro line as well as Nearly Natural’s WOC line.  Awesome Classic had sent me a Keratin treatment kit, that I kicked down a flight of stairs after my disaster with my hair rejecting the Nearly Natural Shampoo and Conditioner.  This is the moment I learned where one wash and one experience with a product can jack up your hair.  I had a revelation that the reason why I started the hair growth videos is to share my regimen and what works for me.  If it works for others with a few tweaks, GREAT, if it doesn’t, I am just not the channel for you.  I ran through thousands of dollars of product to find what works for me, so I am going to stick with it.
The world didn’t move for me with the other products so for 4 years I have been a cheerleader for the Deep Conditioner and nothing else.  JReady and I ran some Suite Life pop up shops where we used nothing but Mixed Chicks.  JReady decided to keep the whole line consistent since the Deep Conditioner is so phenomenal.  I was watching these ladies come out of the steamer and even out of the sink with wet hair in complete awe.  Their curls and textures were so pronounced and soft!  I was charged with the responsibility of detangling and coming out the hair to prepare them for JReady’s blow dry and braid down.  After those salon sessions I began to use the Clarifying Shampoo and I fell in love.  In my mind I was like okay, okay Mixed Chicks you have me wrapped in another product.  I’m just minding my own business and Wendi sends a restoration oil in the dead of Winter that can be used on your hair AND YOUR SKIN!!!  I went from Doo Gro stimulating growth oil to One and Only Argon Oil.  Doo Gro never really rocked my world, but I had experienced previous success with hair growth using the Doo Gro line when I lived in South Philly.  It was my default until my friend turned me on to One and Only.  For years that oil had been my staple and recently after watching, THE REAL, I decided to try Simplicity Oil.  I absolutely love that little ol bottle of expensive oil, but I do not have the ends to lay down $45 for a supply that my hair will eat in 2 sessions.  It did not have the beautiful smell of my One and Only Moroccan oil either!  It was really easy to depart from that so I can’t speak on the effectiveness.  I bought the product twice and looked at these two little bottles that I spent almost $100 on and I wanted to give myself a high five…IN THE FACE.
This restoration oil came in my life and I began to see that Mixed Chicks was taking up shelf space. To make matters worse, I get this Mousse…
So here I am in 2015 a fully converted Mixed Chicks fan.  I now understand why they rock.  They keep my hair long and full and I can use all their products on my own hair and wigs interchangeably.  BRAVO!!!


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Monday, September 22, 2014

Human Hair Extensions: Holy “Moldy”, what’s that Smell?

Have you ever received your extensions bundles and thought the smell of the hair was absolutely amazing? I know I have! In my random mind I’d think, “Wow, this donor must’ve been on the fruit and flower petal diet!” I have also gotten some pretty stale, moldy, and rank smelling extensions and thought, “Geeze this hair smells like it was fished out of the garbage disposal! YUCK!!” Here are some things you may not know: Most hair companies are diligent about washing the hair bundles before they send it out to you. A hair company with good quality control understands that presentation of a quality product will take you half the way on the road to loyal customers.

 A lot of hair companies ensure to wash hair they receive from vendors to bring out the very best in the hair. I’ve seen donated hair that has yet to be given TLC by talented hands and the hair doesn’t look like anything I’d buy or want in my house for fear of something crawling out of it. There are other bundles I’ve seen that makes me raise an eyebrow and wonder did I receive hair or a complementary supply of Ramen Noodles. In these instances, I have seen these same bundles deep conditioned, washed, and cared for to the point of complete transformation. If you happen to get hair that looks like noodles or doesn’t look it best, before you count it out, deep condition and wash your unit to see if it does indeed transform.

  A good practice is to always wash any hair you receive from a company for sanity and inspection reasons. You can keep your bundles together and wash them with the correct products to bring out the beauty, shine, and quality in your hair. The washing practice will also let you know right away if your hair will tangle, shed, or react in an improper manner. If it does, you have a great chance of either getting exchange bundles or a refund. If your hair has already been washed by the company; it will look amazing, smell amazing, and have their own signature packaging style to accompany it for a nice touch. These are the companies that you often tend to be loyal customers to over other companies because they understand that something as little as deep conditioning the hair before sending it out to the customer will make the supreme difference.

Remember when I mentioned foul or moldy smelling hair? Do you know the reason for that? Ironically, these companies wash the hair also, but they failed to dry the hair properly and completely before sending it out to you. I’ve gotten hair that was still semi damp and you can smell the SOUR starting to settle in. It’s exactly like forgetting you have a load of clothes in the washing machine for two days. In the words of Phaedra Parks, “Everybody knows” once you get to a certain sour or mold point in clothes or hair, there is no amount of washing that will completely remove the scent. If you ever get hair like that, you should not at all bother with it. Please contact the company immediately with calm and confidence, if you really want the hair, negotiate a partial refund for your inconvenience of getting hair presented in a subpar condition. If you want the hair that you paid for, be sure to let the company know you’d like a return label with signature confirmation and you will be glad to return the foul smelling bundles for better bundles.

 I encourage you to give any company a chance to correct your situation and show you what the customer service is truly like. Customer service is easy when you’re buying and everything is going well, but the true test is when you are unsatisfied and what the company does to bring your resolution. If you have read this complete article, first let me say kudos to your commitment to my randomness and understanding hair. As a sign off, here is a quick hit list that summarizes the article. Feel free to create a hair care scrapbook or journal, post it in your office or cubicle, or place it in a location for easy reference.

  Benefits of Washing/Deep Conditioning Human Hair Extensions or Wigs before Wear
• Sanitation and Hygiene – You never know what the hair journey was before it gets in your hands, give your hair a fresh bath before placing on your head.
• Discover and Avoid “nits” – Certain hair textures or just prone to nits that are often killed in processing hair. This can is usually more prevalent in virgin unprocessed hair. Everything has a pro and con right? Example: Usually hair will not be infested. You may see 1 or a few
• Absolute quality – a good wash and deep condition can bring out the maximum beauty, moisture and luster to your hair
• Quality Control – washing and deep conditioning process can offer you insight in the true quality of your hair and assist you in detecting defects early. If you are also curious what your hair will do in and out of the pool, rain, or beach water – Wash it. While you won’t get a 100% answer (because pools have chlorine and ocean water is rife with salt) you will get a good idea.
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Public Confessions - Lessons of an Empty Rambler

As you have seen in the recent video, I showcased the poem that you have been hearing in the intro.  Here are the words.

Public Confessions - Lessons of an empty Rambler

I was on a quest for titles,  drug my soul through shallow substance just to be dope
I wanted to be the poet who wrote the ish you wish you wrote
Woke up every morning at dawn and through my yawning asked have I arrived yet
While the powers that be laughed and said....NOPE

Couldn't undersand why when I had a pen in my hand it did WANDEROUS THINGS
Like a supernatural being I magically willed words to me
Wordplay was my play ground swing swag easy
I wrote monkey bars...bananas...Crazy
Yet even though this is the way the higher power made me
no one saw me and decided to make me famous
no one saw me and decided to make me wealthy

I waited for my ship to come in lookng past the arc
arrow in my bullseye stubborn and missing my mark
I was blinded by the world and deaf to the word
A judas chasing silver, a fool wanting gold
I almost sold my soul for a little bling bling, the lex coups the beamer and a benz
selling out and surrounded by friends, that were clearly enemies
but the biggest enemy was the me in me, see I was standing in my own way

My ammunition is intuition the higher power blessed me to rise above and feel the
things that most people miss
My lungs breath in the atmosphere and the storms of those around me
touched by a sinners soul and a heart of Gold, I can regurgitate and spit HEALING
Yet, I thought worldly things would heal me

So while I got on the mic thinking my outfit and words were right to get you open
I was coming to you broken
searching for your validation snapping clapping ready to call me the dopeness
when you came here hoping someone understood your position.

I realized I was the rogue one, abandoning her mission
skipping down a yellow brick road to hell paved with good intentions
I didn't seek out OZ...I wanted to be HIM.
A hero to marvel at Your OOOH and AHHS, I needed to hear em
so driven on gassing myself I couldn't hear HIM

All this time I was spitting when I should have been...delivering.
I'm an air and open and so my transparency in my testimony is potent
I walked through fire shrouded in my gift of grace with not a boil or blemish on my face
Because I was covered
I understand now that how we understand and connect with each other is without barriers and walls
I tried to rise and continued to fall because I didn't answer my call
My poetic powers lacked focus and until I tapped into the will of the higher power
it also lacked purpose

I endured abuse - domestic
I have been arrested
had my world taken
and restored again
so one night I tossed my pen
and wrote with the blood of my hands
no longer clenched in defiance
Now pass me the mic...because I am wounded and open
No longer an addict to the dopeness
don't care if you wished you wrote this
I understand that I was given talents to be a servant
It was never about me...
I was sent here for you
It took me to be crucified a thousand times to now be still
and contemplate what would Jesus do
I am one who has been burnt by the flames of my flagrance my arrogance
had the aroma of STANK
and I will admit that to you
No longer the self absorbed spitter
but a deliverer of my testimony to  you
Thank God for his plan and forgiveness
enlightened ...I can now shine - on You.

No longer the short sided snake eyed gambler
I've learned my lesson
a former empty rambler
I no longer hope for the dopeness
because my word is his will...filled with substance
Public confessions
Lessons of an empty rambler
Died to be live
but now resurrected
walking in his mercy, understanding my duty
to ensure that you and I remain connected
I confess
so fresh and so clean hot mess
wanting to be the best and didn't give my best
until I was refreshed by the water
and I aint felt this way in years
So if anything I say moves me to tears in the middle
throughout and towards the end
understand it's me understanding the gift within
It's not about's about you
I am supposed to come to you uncovered and let my testimony shine through
Which is why I continued to be tested and failed until
I allowed HIM to work and pass through me
No longer a black jack of all trades gambler
no longer an empty rambler
I confess
I was blessed
to offer kind words and blessings to you
it was never about me
it was always about you
So I plant and sow seeds of me
cry over them freely
shine on them unselfishly
so you and me - can harvest

I confess
until I understood how I was blessed
I was a mess
an empty rambling addict for the dopeness
Wishing I couldve wrote this a long time ago
Ignorant to my calling but now I know
Before you hair grown back in strengh and wisdom
after being my on cancer
The call I have answered

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Birthday Makeup Look: Creased To The Gawds!!

Of course there is no one that was going to turn it out and slay like Parrish. I loved this makeup look!
The video is below:

Now The Details!

Face Moisturizer:  Benefit Moisture Cream
Primer: Nars Oil Free Primer
Foundation:  Nars Cadiz
Foundation Set: Makeup Forever Duo Mat Powder in 214
Concealer: Amazing Cosmetics in Dark Tan
Set Concealer: Tarte Translucent 
Lashes: Sephora Brand "Mink" (Two Pair)
Highlight: Laura Mercier Mosaic Shimmer Bloc

Eye Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Lid: Laura Mercier Butter Cream
Crease: Makeup Forever #4
Liner: Clinique Gel in True Black (Top Liner) and Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Pencil in 0L (Bottom Water Line)
Illuminator: Nars Silver Factory (this can only be purchased in a limited edition kit)
Cheek Blush: Nars Desire

Lip Liner: Smashbox Lip Pencil in Dark
Lipstick: Kat Von D Celebutard
Lipgloss: Nars Chihuahua 

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Makeup Forever Eyeshadow Wishlist

I confess:

I was a lover of all things sparkly.  I was attracted to the razzle dazzle shadows!  Oh yes - MEEE!  However, it wasn't until Parrish began to do my face that I saw how beautifully matte shadows are applied.  I ended up becoming a fast fan of Makeup Forever shadows and just all things Makeup forever.

At $20 bucks a pop...Errrr a sista need a hope, a dream and a list!!!!!

So I consulted the internet and saw that MakeupGeek graciously offered the Top 10 eyeshadows for Makeup forever.  This gave me an idea to ask Parrish what are the Top 10 must have in her opinion.

What I will offer is the first Top 10 divised from Parrish.  A lot of her selections are in agreement with MakeupGeek with some differences. 

I will give you 25 in all that I have compiled as a wishlist.  That's $500!!!!

I will share with you how I plan towards purchases because I am not dropping half a stack on some eyeshadows. 

Tip #1:  You can get all 20 as a MUFE shadows as a Backstage Pro for $300.  That's the 40% discount.

Tip #2:  I buy 2 a month.  At 2 a month ($40) it will take a little over the year to accumulate all the shadows at $500.  If I end up obtaining a Backstage Pro card because I am a Freelancer it will take about 7.5 months.

Plan your work and work your plan!

Last thing, I have Sugar Pill palettes.  I do plan to buy at least one of the shadows and compare them.  The Matte Shadows look a lot a like and I am curious if my observation is correct:

Top 10 - According to Parrish

  1. 169 - Iridescent Anthracite
  2. 4 - Black
  3. 75 - Neon Pink (this can serve as blush, gloss, or shadow)
  4. 122 - Metallic Copper
  5. 306 - Peachy Tan with Gold Shimmer
  6. 162 - Matte True Brown
  7. 156 - Matte Flesh
  8. 5 - Coral
  9. 83 - Turquoise Shimmer
  10. 69 - Matte Light Apricot Orange
Remaining 15 According to What I like and What has been used in Makeup Looks

9 - Vibrant Matte Lavender
92 - Matte Brilliant Purple
158 - Matte Cold Red
159 - Vivid Blue
153 - Soft Peachy Orange
10 - True Golden Yellow
39 - Plum
71 - Matte Sunflower
18 - Tangerine
99 - Scarlet
47 - Olive Green
166 - Matte Espresso
171 - Iridescent Acid Green
310 - Diamond Green
49 - Deep Plum Wine

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Makeup Look: Keepin' It Kardashian

Alright guys,

This look is not to LOOK like Kim Kardashian. She is beautiful and while I am cute in my own right, but I can't manage to look like the Armenian Goddess.

Skin Care:

Moisturizer: Korres Wild Rose


Prep: Laura Mercier Radiance Primer
Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Cadiz

Powder: Makeup Forever Duo Mat: 214

Blush: Sculpting Blush 08 (Makeup Forever)
Contour: Makeup Forever Concealer Palette
Highlight: Makeup Forever Uplight and Laura Mercier Golden Mosaic Bloc

Eye Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Lid: Makeup Forever Eyeshadows - #17 and #40 Urban Decay Sin

Brow: Anastasia Brunette
Liner: Two Faced 3 way Lash Line tool to Tight Line and True Black Cream

Lip: Chelsea Girls (Nars)
Gloss: Nars Angelica and Sephora Clear Gloss
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Makeup Look: Sunset TropiGal


Moisturizer: Benefit Moisture Cream


Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow Cadiz

Powder: Makeup Forever Duo Mat: 214

Blush: Nars Exhibit A
Contour: Nars Exhibit A

Eye Primer: Two Faced Shadow Insurance
Lid: Makeup Forever Eyeshadows - #71 #18 #99
Crease: Sephora red wine #31
Corner: #31
Glitters: Makeup Forever Diamond Powder #4 and #2. Makeup Forever Glitter #7
Two Faced Glitter Glue

Highlight: Concealer (HD 350 Makeup Forever)

Brow: Anastasia Medium Ash Brow Wiz
Liner: Two Faced 3 way Lash Line tool to Tight Line
Mascara: Smoky Lash
Lashes: Makeup Forever #31

Lip Liner: Smashbox Dark
Lip: Kat Von D Celebutard
Gloss: Tarina Tarintino Paiette
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MakeUp Look: LisaRaye Inspired "Keisha Green"

I love to be creative so Parrish allowed me to name the looks that she creates, which to me is a match made in heaven.  I can't say enough how much I love Parrish.

Without further adieu, here is the look:  PARRISH PERFECTED

Cleanser: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser
Moisturizer: Benefit Moisture Cream


Prep: Laura Mercier Radiance Primer
Foundation: UD Naked Skin Liquid Makeup 8.0 <--- This is not a favorite foundation of mine. I felt a little like a sweet potato after time passed

Powder: Makeup Forever Duo Mat: 214
Bronzer: Makeup Forever Duo Mat: 218

Blush: Nars Mata Hari
Contour: Makeup Forever Duo Mat: 218

Eye Primer: Two Faced Shadow Insurance
Lid: Makeup Forever Eyeshadows - #166 and #310
Corner: Makeup Forever Eyeshadows - #47 and #171

Brow: Anastasia Medium Ash Brow Wiz
Liner: Two Faced 3 way Lash Line tool to Tight Line

Lip: Kat Von D Celebutard
Gloss: Turkish Delight

What is tightlining?

Tightlinig is an eye lining technique where eyeliner is applied into the lash line and in the area where the eyelid becomes the eye. The trick to a perfect tightline is to darken the lash line without getting liner in the 'wetline" where the eye membrane starts. The benefit is that it emphasizes the eyes without looking overly made up because it darkens the lash line. You can tightline on either the upper or lower lid or both and you can use eyeliner like you normally would along with your tightliner.

How Do You Do It?

To tightline the eye, apply the eyeliner right to the lash line. Gently pull your eyelid to expose the lash line (pull down on the lower lashes, up on the upper lashes). Apply liner into the lash line and just inside the eyelash line. You can push the liner down into the lash line or make tiny dots between the lashes. Work in the tiny area between the lashes and the eye membrane (the wet area). I know many people do "wetline" (apply eyeliner to the moist eye membrane), but this is not a good practice. It could irritate your eyes - if you get some on that area blot it off with a Q-tip. .
Always apply your tightliners before any other eye makeup, otherwise it will smudge when you tug on your eyelids.
You can tightline on either the upper or lower lid or both. If you want you can also use eyeliner like you normally would along with your tightliner.
The 2 keys to getting a perfect tightline are practice and the right product.

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