Friday, May 8, 2015

PhillyzJamPoetHair: Wigs In The Workplace

I don't care what anyone says, wigs fit in every profession and in every walk of life.  I know it is sometimes hard to visualize a unit you have your eye on and your wardrobe, so I will use a reference from when I worked for MBNA.  As young executives and participants in the Management Development program, there was a strict rule of dress and decorum at all times.  Mr. Cawley believed if you dressed a certain way, you would exude the same energy.  I found him to be right.  My husband worked at MBNA and I understand when you are single and it seems you spend most of your time at the job, you want to kill two birds with one stone.  The problem I often see is when the club gets brought to a professional environment.  You can still be a professional sex pot and not sacrifice your self respect and gas money.  What do I mean by gas money?  In my environment, if you were found to be dressed inappropriately, you were sent home to change.

The BEATEST person on TV besides Clair Huxtable on rerun is Jessica Pearson.  If you watch #Suits then you know Gina Torres is a force to be reckoned with from HEAD TO TOE!

She is my new age SHERO and a lot of her style was what I wore on a daily basis in the banking environment.  My husband found my work clothes more sexy than my casual clothes.  Check this out:

Jessica's hair can pretty much be achieved with a half wig, a sew-in, a U-part, and the list goes on.  Of course the cheapest method is a synthetic half wig.  As you feel more comfortable investing money a gorgeous virgin wig will do you some supreme justice and with proper care last you upwards of 3-4 years.  If you want to go for the more "believable" and ethic textures then you are looking for the yaki , mongolian, and chinese textures.  I have found the ranges of Yaki to be the best.  I have wigs that will currently pull off this look and give me a part when or if I wanted one.


If your hair is long, you can get away with a good 24 to 26 inches of hair styled professionally and let it out when you put it DOWN during happy hour.

You really can't go wrong with duplicating the styles of Donna, Rachel, or Jessica.  What I love most about these outfits simply rests on the fact that they transition to evening attire so seamlessly it's almost a crime.  There have been many times where there would be an event after work and I would be cutting it close trying to go home and change. I have done everything from change over a friend's house to changing in the bathroom after work.  I got wise real quick and found out that a lot of times the transition can be the difference between two small accessories like a hair clip and a blazer.

There is an additional unit that I did recently that can give you the Jessica Pearson look or the Phaedra Parks look and that is this:

She is sporting a similar hairstyle on the #RHOA #Reunion.  On both women you see lovely hair cascading back.  It is an extremely sexy and polished look without being overly complicated.

Wigs help make the world go round! LOL

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

PhillyzJamPoetHair: Wig Storage and Organization 2015

I have a bit of an issue with excess and hoarding.

Since this is virtually common knowledge, there is really no need to stand up in the church of shame and testify on this morn.  As I began adjusting to my new life and living with Lupus, I have found that a lot of the things I have, I can live 5 lifetimes and never really be able to get the use out of it.  There are things that I purchased in a #RetailTherapy moment that I find absolutely BUTT UGLY now...WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!  Yeah, it's gotta go.  Lastly, I have all kinds of accessories, clothes, hair, etc that as time goes by I simply have grown out of and it is time to pass it on to someone who would appreciate it for the low!

I went from having 30 gallon bins full of hair to just the decorative boxes you see in the video below. Where have all the wigs gone??  I donate to Cancer patients yearly and I make decisions based on emails I get of who to bless with a wig for their #Wedding, #Prom, #Anniversary, or whatever.

It is the crux of what I do with the #PhoenixRaeProject.  PhillyzJamPoet Hair sells hair as well through the #BIGCARTEL platform and those proceeds also go to help with my giving and fundraising efforts.

People forget that I have a job. I am a Management Consultant and that is where my bread is buttered.  I sell the wigs to raise money that allows me to continue my foundation.  There are times you will see a spike in the price, but a lot of times it is because I am helping a family raise money to keep their children in school after being almost bankrupt trying to save the life of their other child ailing from a disease like Sickle Cell.

I have attempted to ask for people's benevolence and have been frustrated that people don't care enough to simply retweet a message.  I put up a plea for help about a young lady named Lauren.  She was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and within a week of that, her father had a heart attack.  I was heartbroken at the lack of response.  All people care about is hair.  So yes, I bring what is being asked - HAIR.  Just note times you will see the deal of your life and other times you will scratch your head.  Do not forget that when you purchase your wigs from me, you should save your receipts as it is a charitable contribution.  If your tax preparer needs a letter of acknowledgement with my foundation's EIN, I always happily provide that.

I Digress...

Here are some top key tips for wig storage:

  • Keep your hair net! - It keeps your hair and the possible flyaway at bay. It also helps maintain curl
  • Seal it up
  • Pack it away in a temperature controlled space
  • Make sure it is within reach for easy grab and go
  • Separate your everyday favs from your special occasion units
If you are curious about my first video and my methods on storage, see this video here:

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Missy Movement Spotted! Lupus Awareness

I put out a challenge for those to pick their favorite Missy song and just move in the name of Lupus Awareness. I make sure to post who tags me, sends me videos, and I also check out whatever raw talent is out there that may need a boost in views because I think what they have done is THAT good.

Miss Elliott makes me MOVE!  Will you Move too in an effort to support Lupus?


Credit goes to the talented Guero Charles. It is my hope you get the exposure you deserve.  Awesome work.

Published on YouTube Jan 4, 2015
ICON | SoReal Anniversary Showcase December 2014

"Missy Elliott has always inspired me and it's always been a dream of mine to dance for her. Her music." Guero Charles

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Friday, May 1, 2015

#PhillyzJamFam - It's A Matter of Love

I have made so many distant friends through my YouTube Hair Journey.  I have loved this song for years.  The Album name, the title artist, and my song of choice seems to be a trifecta of the perfect words to say to all who love and support me.  This is to all of you I consider #PhillyzJamFam The #BeatElite.


I hear you're faced with troubled times
Struggling with life and a past not left behind
You're not alone 'cause you are a friend of mine, yes you are
We need someone who is right by our side
To laugh and joke and to cry with, when we cry
A safer place to go when your heart aches inside

I just want to let you know that I'm here for you
Anytime you're hurting, you know just what to do
I'll be there no matter what you're going through
It's a matter of me, it's a matter of you
It's a matter of us helping each other too
All the matters of life, it's a matter of love
Love is all about faith, faith is all about trust
Trust is all about God taking care of us
As a matter of fact, it's a matter of love

There is a bond between you and me
No one can break this kind of loyalty
Working together is how God meant it to be
So count on me when you feel the need
You have my word, I'll stand by you faithfully
You can believe it when I say I'll never leave
I just want to let you know that I'm here for you
Anytime you're hurting, you know just what to do
I'll be there no matter what you're going through

It's a matter of me, it's a matter of you
It's a matter of us helping each other too
All the matters of life, it's a matter of love
Love is all about faith, faith is all about trust
Trust is all about God taking care of us
As a matter of fact, it's a matter of love
You can count on me
Whenever you need
It's a matter of me, it's a matter of you
It's a matter of us helping each other, too
All the matters of life, it's a matter of love
Love is all about faith, faith is all about trust
Trust is all about God taking care of us
As a matter of fact, it's a matter of love
It's a matter, it's a matter
It's a matter
It's a matter, it's a matter
It's a matter, it's a matter
It's a matter
It's a matter, It's a matter of love

#RIP Diane Chapman (DynamicDST8) and Chris Walker.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Samsung Galaxy 2 - New Vlogging Camera

I needed a new camera and I didn't have a clue which camera would be best for me.   I am use to using my iMac/Macbook Pro cameras to do the work, but as I become more mobile, travel, and take on more projects I need more than my cell phone to get the work done.  Of all the cameras I saw, I had narrowed it down to 3:

Samsung WB100F - $179.99

Samsung NX Mini Mirrorless - Reg. $549.99 - SALE $397.99 (Best Buy)

Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera - EK-GC200 - $449 (Sale $359.99)

 I looked at quite a few YouTube videos and even some from Vloggers and YouTubers I was familiar with and it seemed the NXMini was winning hands down.  Yet, when I really looked at their reviews and took it a step further to look up the reviews on I still wasn't finding what helped make a good decision.

I initially went with the WB1100F from Walmart and loved the camera!  The picture quality was great,  the camera was sturdy and well made, and I had an attractive powerful camera to get the job done.  It took me to actually have the camera in my posession and begin to FUNCTION with it to understand:


Here is how I came to the conclusion and ended up with the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2:

What I needed in the camera:
  • Lightweight
  • Long zoom
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to edit Photo and Video on the Spot
  • Immediate upload to social media
  • Easy Share and Access for Family and Friends
  • Quality Capture of memorable moments
  • Venue Access
The WB1100F fell short in these categories:

Lightweight - This is not a camera you can put in your purse.  It is actually shaped like a camera and could pass as a little mini DSLR to an untrained eye.  I went to a friend's baby shower and was continuously asked if I was a Blogger or apart of the media.  If you are going for that look to sneak on a few Red carpets, be my guest, but I didn't need it for that.

I had 2 different client appointments that required travel to North Carolina and both times I ended up making the decision NOT to bring the camera because it would require the camera bag I have to ensure the camera does not get broken or damaged.  I know people say, "Another bag, so what."  That is not the case when you are chronically ill, a female, and taught to pack light despite all your beauty and wig needs. (I digress).

Here's the Scenario: If I get on the Megabus or take a flight, I have my purse, laptop, and a carry on.  I am barely squeezing by with these items, but the addition of a camera bag puts everything over the top.  If I am choosing to leave my camera so it does not get broken or messed up, it is not useful is it?

If I went to a club, I can't even carry it in a clutch or just use the strap and have the camera hanging off my arm.  Oh No Ma'am, I stand there looking like my man with the masterplan Freddy O. the whole time.  

P.S. I HATE HOLDING STUFF!!!!!!!! That camera rocked my nerves quickly, it was like a baby I couldn't leave.

Venue Access - I received two complimentary tickets to the Women's Expo and it read explicitly no DSLR cameras allowed.  Point and shoots cameras are permissible.  Of course, the Samsung WB1100F Smart Camera is not DSLR, but to a door checker with little time and a lot of attitude, I have had to argue that my camera was not one of PROFESSIONAL QUALITY.

I can see Blue Ivy now: "You can't take that camera in my Momma's concert!"

I am getting ready to go to Vegas and I pre-packed.  AGAIN...I was looking at the camera like: "You take great pictures, but why you gotta be so big?"

I quickly realized, the camera is gorgeous and nice, but only if I was going to be stationary in my office with the camera on the tripod.  That's the last thing too, if you do not have steady hands for that sized camera when you go to take video, the shakiness is more visible.  


I was thinking: Am I just over thinking this or is there really a better camera?  It was this QVC video that brought it all home for me and made up my mind:

The 21X Zoom made me fall over and I knew for a fact the camera for my needs was the Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera.

I went to BestBuy just to make sure what I was seeing was the real thing.  I interacted with the NXMini as well as the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2.  Hands Down - The camera that I needed was the one with the biggest sticker price.  I had to talk to my husband about trading up and the price difference between the cameras.  It was not until I went to Ebay that I saw a chance to trade up for under $50 if I am lucky.

I kept all my properties from my WB1100F for safe return and full refund.  I began bidding on the camera that was being auctioned by a seller with a University of Michigan email (the .edu gave it away).  I beat out 14 people for not only the camera but a brand new 16gb Micro SD card!!

 I paid $179.99 + tax for the WB1100F with no additional MicroSD card.  I won the camera and SD card for $209.50! Sweet!

The camera came quick and I immediately noticed, it has EVERYTHING my Samsung Galaxy S4 has except for the ability to take and make phone calls, but with the camera's wifi capabilities I can do Google Hangout, Skype, Ovoo, etc. I do not miss an ability to make calls.

I put the camera to the test and sat in my garage to take a quick picture after set up, here was picture #1:

It was 57 degrees and cloudy.  I just decided to point the camera towards the small opening in the garage.   I turned up the zoom 17.9x and this was the next picture:

 I am sitting in the EXACT same spot with the camera point towards the opening in the Garage.  I just decided to zoom in on the neighbors flowers across the street and this is what I got.  As she said on QVC a DSLR has to change the lens a few times to get this.  SUPER IMPRESSIVE.

All while I took these pictures, my cell phone died.  I was still able to listen to music, email my husband, Instagram, YouTube, Tweet, and Facebook.  I was even able to do a Google Hangout video chat right on the Camera!

When I go out to Vegas and take amazing pictures, I can send it right to Instagram. BAM! If my girl Tara ---(HEEY TARA) says,"Oooh I like that picture, send me that please". I am tapping the screen and asking the destination. As long as I have wifi - ZIP, she has it.  There is free wifi everywhere, but of course there are cell phone plans and devices (found cheap on Groupon and Ebay) that will allow you to travel with wifi all the time. I just can't lose with this camera!

I am an APPLE fanatic.  It is true that I find the computers and laptops superior and prefer to work on those machines.  I got the Samsung Galaxy S4 and after getting over the nightmare of how foreign it was, I discovered all the fast and futuristic technology that has given my blogs and my YouTube videos it's own signature.  All of our Televisions are Samsung and I even have an MP3 player that is just SAMSUNG fantastic.  I have to be honest, Samsung has me looking at the Chromebook like...hmmm.

I LOVED the WB1100F.  I am IN LOVE with the Samsung Galaxy 2.

Here is a short list of other observations:

Cool extras
  • Mounts on selfie stick (Bought me a cute pink one from Groupon)
  • Mounts on tripod (same quality pod I have had since 2007)
  • Easy transfer of files
  • Cools apps same as on Galaxy S4 phone 
  • If I wanted to join my family and change to iPhone 6, none of my Android benefits will be cut having this phone (Yaaay SHOWBOX!!!)
  • Tons of Storage (ability to add additional SD CARD) plus Dropbox ACCESS - We all know Apple products are limited in space and there's no ability to add a card for the additional space you need.  (I use too much space with pictures and video for that and I hate having a full device where I have to hurry and delete pictures to capture a fleeting moment) 
How many times have you went to take a picture with or of something of great importance with little time and discover you don't have room and the pics you have are ones you seriously do not want to delete.  It's happened to me at Bronner Brothers, Concerts, Red Carpets, etc.  NO MORE!!!
  • Easy share to friends and family - Click an email, Instagram, Tweet, Facebook or Whatever.  Shoot a video, edit on the camera, and upload straight to YouTube!
  • Types like a regular upright phone or sidekick (I use to love flipping up my sidekick and typing horizontally on the board, since the camera works on the Jellybean interface, with a screen swivel I have a high technology sidekick experience
  • Easy switch to picture or video (you can be playing Candy Crush and see a celebrity to fan out for, just a click of the button you are on the screen you need for a fast picture.  The lens pops out and takes awesome pictures!
  • Earphone plug
  • NFC technology (Bump and Go Sharing with other NFC devices)


One last thought: If you are All Apple Everything and are NOT familiar with the Android system, this camera will royally piss you off! lol

If you have a Samsung Galaxy of any kind, you will love this camera!  As a YouTuber, I do everything creatively on my Macbook Pro and iMac, there are no issues with transfer between the hard cord and my Dropbox account.  I have a Dropbox business account that allows my pictures and data to be interchangeable everywhere!  All my devices are in sync and my YouTube experiences will be awesome at home or traveling abroad.

For all the techies out there, here are the individuals specs of the cameras:

Samsung WB1100F Smart Camera:
  • 16.2 megapixel resolution with high-quality still images and video recordings
    The red Samsung WB1100F Camera with 16.2 Megapixels and 35x Optical Zoom features Scene Modes, Face Detection Technology, 720p HD Movie Recording and Digital Image Stabilization
  • Samsung 72mm zoom lens with 35x optical/2x digital zoom
    Equivalent to a 24-432mm lens on an analog camera with Centre AF, Multi AF, Tracking AF, Face Detection AF, Face Recognition AF, Selection AF, Glass Lens
  • 3" TFT LCD screen with image editing features
    Featuring Automatic Brightness Adjustment, Graphical User Interface, color TFT LCD screen, hVGA
  • The Samsung wifi camera includes built-in flash with Red-Eye Reduction, Fill-In Flash, Auto On/Off and Slow-Sync Flash

Additional Features:
  • Built-in WiFi and NFC
  • AutoShare saves and shares your photos automatically
  • 21MB built-in memory with 1 SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot (memory card not included with the Samsung wifi camera)
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • ISO Modes: Auto, 3200, 1600, 800, 400, 200, 100, 80
  • File Formats Supported: EXIF, JPEG, DPOF, DCF, MP4
  • The Red Samsung WB1100F Camera with 16.2 Megapixels and 35x Optical Zoom is 4.19" x 2.36" x 0.92"; 6.64 oz

Compatibility and Warranty:
  • Compatible with PC or Mac
  • The Samsung smart camera has a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

Samsung NX mini
Easy to capture those fleeting moments using just the right lens. This slim, ultra-portable digital camera measures just 22.5 millimeters wide. A 3-inch flip-up LCD touch screen is perfect for self portraits, while Wi-Fi capability lets you back up photos and videos, post them to social networks, or send them to friends and family. 
The included 9-27mm retractable zoom lens has an 24-73mm equivalent in 25mm zoom range, providing versatility and making it an ideal walk-around lens. The NX-M Mount and optional adapter allow you to use any Samsung NX lens with this camera (sold separately). 
Key Features: 
Stylishly Slim and Lightweight
Measuring a mere 22.5 millimeters wide, and weighing just 158 grams, the Samsung NX mini is an ultra-slim, lightweight camera with an interchangeable lens, so its easy to carry with you. The camera has a solid metal body bound by a natural, leather-like material for a modern yet elegant look. 
20.5MP BSI CMOS Sensor
With a large 1-inch 20.5MP BSI CMOS sensor, the NX mini delivers amazingly high resolution, letting you capture more of your world so you can relive precise details of every moment with vivid, true-to-life colors. 
1/16000sec Shutter Speed
With a top-end shutter speed of 1/16000 sec., the NX mini can capture all the decisive moments, even when theyre whizzing past, like a race car around the track, or a bird taking flight. 
Get clearer shots even in low light
The Samsung NX mini shoots up to ISO 25600, making it very sensitive to light. That means you can take great looking, natural shots in tricky lighting indoors or even outside at night, with minimal noise or blur. 
Wink Shot
The NX mini makes it even easier and fun to take great selfies. Just give it a wink, and two seconds later it takes the shot. No button necessary. Smile required. 
75.2mm (3) Flip Up and Touch Screen
Samsung Galaxy 2 WiFi Android Digital Camera:
  • 16.3 megapixel resolution with high-quality still images and video recordings
    Featuring 1080p Full HD Movie Recording, Face Detection and Optical Image Stabilization
  • Galaxy zoom lens with 21x optical zoom
    Equivalent to a 23-483mm lens on an analog camera
  • 4.8" TFT LCD touchscreen
    Featuring Graphical User Interface, color TFT LCD screen
  • Samsung Galaxy 16.3 megapixel digital camera has built-in flash with Red-Eye Reduction, Fill-in Flash, Slow Sync, Flash Off, Red-Eye Fix and Auto On/Off

Additional Features:
  • 1 microSD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot (memory card not included)
  • White Android WiFi digital camera has built-in 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • ISO Modes: Auto, 3200, 1600, 800, 400, 200, 100
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI output
  • Cloud photo backup
  • 0.8" x 5.1" x 2.8"; 10.88 oz
  • Pre-loaded Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) OS with Google Play

Compatibility and Warranty:
  • Samsung Galaxy 16.3 megapixel digital camera is compatible with PC or Mac
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

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Monday, April 27, 2015

BABY BOYS: “SUNS” of the Future

Inspired by the "Sun" (Dailan Cooper)
Keep writing love poems to your future daughter.  It shines with the respect for her Mother and determination to recreate royalty among our people.  Your poem speaks a King's language and I can recite that all day.  Your vernacular speaks in a language of change...I comprehend and therefore respond.

This is one of the three poems my talented son recited today for a free trip to Georgia to represent Colorado in the High school poetry NATIONAL Finals.
Posted by Tony Cooper on Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dear Baby Boys
I will take every weapon formed against you
set it on fire and let it burn in the sky
so the world has no choice but to look to you for light
Suns of the future, your tomorrow looks uncertain over the
and as a fool’s moon rises
the tides of troubled waters make tsunami walls
to imprison you inside them
However, I encourage you to ride them
with a side grin
eyes that’ll size them
pride that’ll deny them
 access to the wonders of your soul

Baby Boy
Champions of Brody
Acme Attack me WYle E Coyote
2 strike Parolees
I hate they hate you Jody
I hate You Hate you Jody
and I hate your homies mostly
The brutha hustle mans, stringer bells, omars, and the smokeys
Because they’re all patient enemies on the low-key
With signs on their backs that say SMOKE ME

Baby Boy
There are young boys who are writing future love poems to their daughters
while their counter parts are being led to the slaughter
Little recollection of Bloody Sunday or the Martyrs
Pants on the ground in Atlanta hanging out at the Marta
Beating Mary Janes, Being disrespectful shit starters


This former "Baby Girl" turned Queen needs to hold court with you
Become Kindred with Mother Earth and embrace you
Call for the village before society erase you
Become the bounty hunter for the demons that chase you
Baby Boy

I ...Black... Woman
battle cry from the summit of the mountain top
in blue face behavior
Braveheart, Iron Will
The State Farm Good Neighbor
Baby Boy
I write you a love letter in hieroglyph and sanskrit
I touch you with the royalty of Egypt
and guide you with a nurtures hand
Carry King's Behavior on your Journey to being a man
Continue being the EXAMPLE as no one will ever fully Understand

The Baby Boy's becoming a man.
#Respect to #JohnSingleton and love to all my #BabyBoys
All roses who grow from society's concrete.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Light

You Glow
 Illuminating honestly
You're light washing me
Watching me, guiding me Over the many colors of your love
 Sliding down a rainbow in a pot of gold
Imprisoned in your prism
I've arisen riding on the horizon of a sunrise
The truth is in the light
At night, there's your light
In my darkest hour you give me light
You give me life
When the world is heavy you make it light
Pluck rhythmic on an acoustic guitar
We are harmony I'm you're melody
You my heart beat Percussion of a lovers drum
On and on we go
....where we'll stop, no one knows.

 Inspired by Chante Cann's "The Light"
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Silver Lining

It's been a long time since a good song inspired some lines...#Philly

Silver Lining

If I'm looking up don't mind me
But I can't be, (I just can't be) I can't be down no more
And if you don't know where to find me
I'm out looking
I'm looking for the silver lining...

I was just a down to Earth chick
grounded by a world beating on her wings
blinged out wingspan
I could no longer pilot them things
In the same cage with the bird that sings
I was plummeting
somewhere between the sky and the floor
my ability to soar became no more
My back was sore
My heart was torn
My spirit was scorned
All black everything
Jumped off the cliff too soon trying to fly
and be live
took a nosedive and died
Body was the vegetable
but resurrection came to mind
Asked the Devil to rip up the deed to my soul
asked my higher power to roll away the stone
checked my moral compass for the direction I should’ve flown
Before my mind became blown..

Brain Matter on the wall 
scraped into a Solo cup
We’ve all seen red
so put your solos up
Singing with the choir
and my solo’s coming up
head hung so low I can’t look up

I was just a down to Earth chick 
grounded by a world beating on her wings
I was a knight with no armor but covered in chinks
Heckle and Jeckle picking over me
magpies and vultures nitpicking me
Rose thorns and daggers sticking me
A down chick, on the ground chick
and now they’re kicking me
So if I’m looking up don’t mind me
But I can’t be
Can’t be down no more
And if you don't know where to find me
I'm out looking
I'm looking for the silver lining...
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015 is my new favorite Playground!

I met my girl on Twitter, but you can't tell me this chick isn't a Homegirl after my own heart.  She watches the same reality tv shows I do and since she and I have awesome convo during many shows on #Twitter, I knew that her take on what she has seen would be priceless.


There are so many blogs that offer recaps, however I have never been one to read them. I just look for the embed or the link that allows me to see it for myself.  This is no disrespect to any of the many sites that posts this type of content, but none really spoke to me in a voice that I rocked with until now.  Please see an excerpt on #BloodSweatandHeels:

Melyssa Ford, Woman of Many Hats

"I don't know if Melyssa still sells houses, don't get me the lying, but she does have a satirical comedy musical coming out.... What in Tyler Perry hell? The musical is called "For Vixen Who Considered Homicide, When the Video Was Too Much" (ya'll are going to stop mocking my auntie Ntozake's work, but I digress). The musical is based on Melyssa's book and is based on actual events and thoughts that she's had." Credit: Tatyana-Jenene - HipHopHomegirl! Please click the link to: Read More.
PhillyzJamPoet's Take: 

I was looking at the TV like...well honestly my first thought was: WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOUR FOUNDATION'S....ORANGE! - We all know that the confessional lighting was horrible! Fix THAT - E-MEGITLY!

Back to Melyssa's play, So Im' thinking...well wait, honestly my second thought was:
 Why does this part look like a river has ran through it?
This is not an all the time thing which is a relief, but I am all about hair so of course the reality shows are like 2 for 1 for me.  Hair IS A SHOW IN ITSELF!  I will say if a Highway Wide part is your only issue than you are doing the dang thing!  Her body looks amazing, the hair quality looks extremely nice.  If I had a word of advice to offer, it would just be to allow her hair to rest, change the part, and find low manipulation hairstyles.  A natural part that is that big is signs of hair thinning.  This is an easy spot for people who live in weaves.  Additionally, this applies to creatures of habit.  If you are the sister that has had the same part since french rolls with the pearl bobby pins were in style, I need you to redirect your comb.  Okay Okay - I digress...

This musical, I will be honest I did not get it.  I wasn't here for the title (only one can have a title that long...the original.)  If I have to take a breath and your whole title is not out of my mouth, I have a problem.  Heck, the title takes up most of your characters on Twitter!  I love me a musical!  You are talking to someone who will throw her hat in the air in Harlem singing the HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC!  ----HOWEVER!!!....

I have a bit of bias because I am more of a person that is like, screw all that - "Watch Me Work".  My friend Whyte Chocolate was a well known vixen in Atlanta and I don't care what anyone has to say, she rode those rocky waters and got out before her soul sunk like that Titanic.  She took what she had done and built off of it.  This lady has a thriving business and she is busy minding hers while she is CONSTANTLY on people's mind.  I have a sincere respect for that and it's not a far reach for Melyssa.  Girl, as long as you give it any energy, acknowledgement, or credence you have proven to those designed only to down you that they still have power to govern over what defines you.  NO MAAM.  When I saw the show play out, despite it's hiccups I could understand the vision.  Call me crazy, but with the right talent, budget, and venue it could actually be a success.  It would just have to be one Blood, Sweat, and HELL of a show get critical acclaim.  

In short, I just took one snippet to give my PhillyzJamPoet slant and place my PhillyzJamPoet STAMP on this site. I love it and I just might reply to a few more, if you are tempted to do so, I say doooooo iiit!  I will sit here eating cheese and cackling at what anyone has to say.

If you find me making commentary on these shows, I will most certainly insert my opinion on certain things, but my focus - HAIR!  I figure the best way to offer you live examples and keep the teaching going is to pull from pop culture!  We can have a good ol time and learn about hair!

Ya Girl, Philly.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

PhillyzMotivation: I Am Lupus, Hear Me Roar

The only thing I have to say...

Dear Lupus, You can't bring me down today.

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