Friday, January 20, 2012

Black/African American Hair Growth Secrets 18 inches in 18 months

Well look at you coming over to visit me in blog land!  Welcome!  It’s either the video that brought you here or you ended up here and have not seen the video (no worries, I will post it below).  As promised, we are going to get and keep out sexy on for 2012 and I am open to sharing all that I know and do with you.

Q: What is CoWash?
A: Conditioner Wash.  This is when you do not use shampoo, but you wash your hair with conditioner.

Q: How often do you CoWash your hair?
A: When it is down and I’m wearing it out, every 10 days.  If I end up braiding it up to wear protective styles, I condition before hand and will be braided for about a month and a half or two months and so will keep my hair oiled and condition upon take down.

Q: Whoa Philly wait, you stay braided for about a month and a half or two months?!?!
A: Yep! I make sure that my scalp stays properly oiled using either DooGro stimulating growth oil or One and Only Moroccan oil.

Q: Philly, did you use heat on your head during those 18 months?
A: No.  Everything was air dry and natural styles – no heat AT ALL.

Q: Philly, can you use heat? Why didn’t you?
A: You can use heat, I would advise sparingly and that you know what you’re doing.  I did not use heat because when I wore Sew Ins and left hair out, the heat stripped my hair and caused damage.  The heat damage cannot be repaired, it can only grow out and be cut off. (THAT SUCKS WHEN IT’s IN THE FRONT!)

Q: Where can you get that big bottle of Mixed Chicks?

Q: What’s the name of the oil and where can you get it?
A: One and Only Moroccan Oil.  I get mine from Sallys.

Q: Do I have to be Natural to grow hair?
A: No, you don’t have to. If you are getting relaxers, just be sure your beautician is properly timing your relaxers and not over processing. Once your hair is over processed…game over – thanks for playing.

As you follow along through the blog, I will continuously post a little of everything that hopefully you will find helpful. J  Please be encouraged and I know that the Natural Hair transition is a big and sometimes scary step.  My hair gave me the BIZNASS! (business).  It is really thick and I have snapped quite a few combs and brushes as a result.  Just to brush my natural hair back in a bun takes me 30 minutes to get it nice and smooth with no humps or bumps.  The thickness also has made me snap quite a few hair ties because I am stretching them trying to get all my hair in the tie! OMG – ANNOYING.

I love to take a Sunday where I relax and watch a ton of movies while I give my hair some TLC.  I will take a protein packet and put that in my hair with the conditioning cap.  After the protein packet, I will put in the deep conditioner and put the conditioning cap on my head.  I have walked around for hours and even taken a nap while my hair is conditioning.  Once I wash it out, I ensure that I am properly oiled and will braid my own hair. (ENTER MS. CELIE BRAIDS)  **Sings – Sistah, you been on my mind. Sistah – we’re two of a kind…Sistah, I’m keeping my eye on youuuuuuu – SO SHAKE YA SHIMMY!**

Okay, I’m back! Lol

As stated in the video, eating and drinking water I believe is key too.  When I exercise my hair is braided up and under a cap.  

ONE LAST THING! – Steam really works in keeping you conditioned and keeping dandruff down.  I don’t know about you but when I work out really well or sweat my head itches like crazy!  Be careful not to tear up your scalp by dragging your nails over it or using a rat tail comb to scratch.  You can damage the scalp and cause some excessive shedding.

Well, that’s all for now –

This is Ya Girl, PhillyzJam and much more helpful than Siri! – Yeah, Apple – I said it!


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i could not find anywhere this in detail!!! i am right now post 10 weeks relaxer and i do not want to get another one until i reach my goal!! right now my front is short (brushed all the way around my front is below my nose and back is just below my shoulder) i am craving healthy, thick and long hair!!! THANK YOU!!!! --youtube name: dashorty808

  2. Good Morning PhillyzJams
    I am starting this healthier hair challenge and I have a question for you. I know that you keep your hair braided up and then you cowash, after several weeks or months of braids i have build up is cowashing what i should be doing or should I cowash and wash my hair as well to clean my scalp

  3. When you say you keep it braided, is it okay to get a sew In for months at a time. What exactly do you mean by braided?

  4. How often did you oil your hair and do the protein treatments

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  6. slt je voudre que mes cheveux pousse elle ne son pas long mes j'aimerait les avoir long et lisse s'il te plait AIDE moi?????

  7. What is a protein treatment and what doesn't consist of?

  8. What type of scarf do you use? If you use a scarf.

  9. Thank you for all of the info girl. I am currently APL and SOO ready to make 18 inches. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL and you are HILARIOUS! Stay blessed :)

  10. I am starting today. I already did the big chop..wish me luck!!!

  11. you are a straight up trip and im lovin your vibe! im going to try the above named products on my children. im half black half white and know how to keep my hair long, but my children are another story.the only one with no growth issues is the one whose hair is like hoping to get my other 2's hair to grow longer.since theyve been doing their own hair its been getting shorter n shorter. time for momma to step back in it seems ;) thanks for the info and i hope it works on their hair type

  12. Philly, I recently did the big chop and now my hair is in braids. Do you have any advice on how I should take care of my hair in the braids?

  13. Philly, the website to get the Moroccan oil is

  14. Hey phyillis all I have to do is wash my hair everyday with conditioner...and rub my scalp ..will that wrk? Oh and if I put coconut oil in my hair will tat build up on my hair....get back at me on

  15. can you use motions conditioner and it will still grow or is there certain condtioners you have 2 use?? thats my question!

  16. Nice video and nice hair color you have there!

    beauty products

  17. Hi thanks for the awesome tips but I want to know if it works relaxed hair aswell

  18. You caught my eye one day when I noticed I had been subscribed to your site by my daughter who currently is taking up cosmology. (Thats what happens when you forget to log off you tube) any who ive been faithfully following ever since (feb)
    I've did the big chop and watching my hair growth via your hair tips and my hair hasn't been healthier.
    Its going to take another 16 months but we're well on our way. B.t.w. I finally found mixed chicks here in Milwaukee. Not too many folks here know about the stuff.will keep you posted.

  19. When you say you left your hair braided up for months, did u get a sew in? Use a wig maybe? What protected style did you do to your hair? I have fine naturally kinky curly hair, it's about shoulders length, however it is heat damaged, I have been going without any heat to my head for about 3months, it's all natural I've never had a perm. But my hair tends to get shoulder length and stop growing, another problem I am having is THE BACK of my hair isn't growing as long as the middle or top and it's very very frustrating. Please help!

  20. I am alot older than most of your followers but I am growing my hair. it's currently about shoulder length from mid-ear length( starting in Jan 2010) I have been co-washing with WEN sweet almond mint since August 2011 and I use prue extra virgin olive oil. I have stopped coloring my gray but I still relax my hair every 12 weeks. I trim my ends every 12 weeks. No more flat ironing and blow drying only if a special occasion. I let my hair air dry with the WEN in it and braid it( one long braid, nothing fancy) or wear a ponytail. I love your videos and want to learn more

  21. Hi, I am requires to wet my hair moderately at least once a day and it stays covered, IM Muslim if you guessed. If I keep my natural hair braided without extension and follow your tips, do u think the water and absence of extensions will interfere with the process? IM one month in so far.

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  22. There are some great colors out there, but you should have an idea of what will work and what won’t work on your hair.

  23. i am grateful today because my hair grow from 15 inches, to 32 inches, after the spell cast by dr raman, i now make $$ with my hair every week, because i normally cut it and sell it at the end of every week.if you need a long hair contact him with this email address

  24. @phillyzjampoet I am a 14 year old girl I have a healthy head of hair by the way i am african american but i have a problem my hair is healthy and a little bit past the shoulder in the front and almost half way down my back i have really slow hair growth do u have any suggestions to help speed the process up?

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  26. Can i put/use a leave-in conditioner while i have box braids/ senegalese twists??


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