Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Know Thyself: Skin Type & Colors WOC

There are so many forums, videos, and conversations with regards to skin matching and foundation coloring for WOC (Women of Color).  I’m not even on the soapbox  when it comes to that, I am in total discovery!  I love to share, so lets go!

A little about me:

Skin Type:

My skin type is not Oily, Not Dry, and not Combination. I am lucky enough to have what is classified as a “normal” skin.  I do not have break outs and have never had issues with acne.  I get 1 pimple when it’s close to that time of the month and it’s always only one.  I had an issue when I broke out around the edges (temples and what not) that’s always when I have used some hair product that doesn’t agree.  The two big things that will break my edges out as sure as grits is grocery and fat back is greasy – JAM…or Let’s Jam.  I use to love it, but the edges cannot take it!  It can’t take the Elasta QP either.  It’s something about that makeup that does not work.

My Color and Undertones

My color undertone is Neutral.

MAC will teach you or forums will teach you what the NC, N, NW means on their foundations and concealers mean. N= Neutral, C = Cool, W= Warm. Etc. True story, I have gotten mad at MAC for matching me and my mom.  MAC had me too dark with their staple default NC45.  When in doubt…NC45!  Yeah right.  Whoever matched my mom should have their behinds whipped because they gave her NW45 and had her looking straight orange!  What THE FLIP WILSON!...

Most articles will you most women of color have warm undertones which is why most MAC artist will put you either in an NW or NC45.

There are tests to determine if you are a Cool or Warm undertone:

What do you look best in Gold or Silver?

What color are the veins on your forearm?

White Towel Test

Hair Color as a Kid

When I perform these test and especially the vein test I have a mixture of both.   For me, they say that although I am neutral I will lean more one way than the other.  Meaning I will look great in one and amazing or fabulous as another.  I can’t tell what is most favorable for me, but can say I am lucky that I can wear all kinds of colors when it comes to hair color, eyeshadow, and clothing.

 Some people will say that I really pop as a blonde and others willl say I really look exotic or alluring with dark hair. I am unsure where I pull more towards yet, in my opinion COOL does it for me. My preference is Silver jewelry (Cool), however I have such a love for blonde hair (warm).

The face that I am a Brown-Eyed Normal Neutral is pretty cool!

Below is just a range of pictures of different hair colors that will go from cool to warm undertones.  Understanding when it comes to hair styles and colors everyone will not like EVERYTHING!...Keep that in mind.

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  1. Hey Phillyzjam.

    I am a new fan of your Youtube videos. I think you look great with the blonde, red, & black hair.

    I need your advice on what color (wig color) will work with my complexion that won't wash me out or make me look older. Can you HELP????

    P.S.: Thanks to you, I purchased my very first soft yaki with bangs wig. I LOVE IT!!!!!


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