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Samsung Galaxy 2 - New Vlogging Camera

I needed a new camera and I didn't have a clue which camera would be best for me.   I am use to using my iMac/Macbook Pro cameras to do the work, but as I become more mobile, travel, and take on more projects I need more than my cell phone to get the work done.  Of all the cameras I saw, I had narrowed it down to 3:

Samsung WB100F - $179.99

Samsung NX Mini Mirrorless - Reg. $549.99 - SALE $397.99 (Best Buy)

Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera - EK-GC200 - $449 (Sale $359.99)

 I looked at quite a few YouTube videos and even some from Vloggers and YouTubers I was familiar with and it seemed the NXMini was winning hands down.  Yet, when I really looked at their reviews and took it a step further to look up the reviews on I still wasn't finding what helped make a good decision.

I initially went with the WB1100F from Walmart and loved the camera!  The picture quality was great,  the camera was sturdy and well made, and I had an attractive powerful camera to get the job done.  It took me to actually have the camera in my posession and begin to FUNCTION with it to understand:


Here is how I came to the conclusion and ended up with the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2:

What I needed in the camera:
  • Lightweight
  • Long zoom
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to edit Photo and Video on the Spot
  • Immediate upload to social media
  • Easy Share and Access for Family and Friends
  • Quality Capture of memorable moments
  • Venue Access
The WB1100F fell short in these categories:

Lightweight - This is not a camera you can put in your purse.  It is actually shaped like a camera and could pass as a little mini DSLR to an untrained eye.  I went to a friend's baby shower and was continuously asked if I was a Blogger or apart of the media.  If you are going for that look to sneak on a few Red carpets, be my guest, but I didn't need it for that.

I had 2 different client appointments that required travel to North Carolina and both times I ended up making the decision NOT to bring the camera because it would require the camera bag I have to ensure the camera does not get broken or damaged.  I know people say, "Another bag, so what."  That is not the case when you are chronically ill, a female, and taught to pack light despite all your beauty and wig needs. (I digress).

Here's the Scenario: If I get on the Megabus or take a flight, I have my purse, laptop, and a carry on.  I am barely squeezing by with these items, but the addition of a camera bag puts everything over the top.  If I am choosing to leave my camera so it does not get broken or messed up, it is not useful is it?

If I went to a club, I can't even carry it in a clutch or just use the strap and have the camera hanging off my arm.  Oh No Ma'am, I stand there looking like my man with the masterplan Freddy O. the whole time.  

P.S. I HATE HOLDING STUFF!!!!!!!! That camera rocked my nerves quickly, it was like a baby I couldn't leave.

Venue Access - I received two complimentary tickets to the Women's Expo and it read explicitly no DSLR cameras allowed.  Point and shoots cameras are permissible.  Of course, the Samsung WB1100F Smart Camera is not DSLR, but to a door checker with little time and a lot of attitude, I have had to argue that my camera was not one of PROFESSIONAL QUALITY.

I can see Blue Ivy now: "You can't take that camera in my Momma's concert!"

I am getting ready to go to Vegas and I pre-packed.  AGAIN...I was looking at the camera like: "You take great pictures, but why you gotta be so big?"

I quickly realized, the camera is gorgeous and nice, but only if I was going to be stationary in my office with the camera on the tripod.  That's the last thing too, if you do not have steady hands for that sized camera when you go to take video, the shakiness is more visible.  


I was thinking: Am I just over thinking this or is there really a better camera?  It was this QVC video that brought it all home for me and made up my mind:

The 21X Zoom made me fall over and I knew for a fact the camera for my needs was the Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera.

I went to BestBuy just to make sure what I was seeing was the real thing.  I interacted with the NXMini as well as the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2.  Hands Down - The camera that I needed was the one with the biggest sticker price.  I had to talk to my husband about trading up and the price difference between the cameras.  It was not until I went to Ebay that I saw a chance to trade up for under $50 if I am lucky.

I kept all my properties from my WB1100F for safe return and full refund.  I began bidding on the camera that was being auctioned by a seller with a University of Michigan email (the .edu gave it away).  I beat out 14 people for not only the camera but a brand new 16gb Micro SD card!!

 I paid $179.99 + tax for the WB1100F with no additional MicroSD card.  I won the camera and SD card for $209.50! Sweet!

The camera came quick and I immediately noticed, it has EVERYTHING my Samsung Galaxy S4 has except for the ability to take and make phone calls, but with the camera's wifi capabilities I can do Google Hangout, Skype, Ovoo, etc. I do not miss an ability to make calls.

I put the camera to the test and sat in my garage to take a quick picture after set up, here was picture #1:

It was 57 degrees and cloudy.  I just decided to point the camera towards the small opening in the garage.   I turned up the zoom 17.9x and this was the next picture:

 I am sitting in the EXACT same spot with the camera point towards the opening in the Garage.  I just decided to zoom in on the neighbors flowers across the street and this is what I got.  As she said on QVC a DSLR has to change the lens a few times to get this.  SUPER IMPRESSIVE.

All while I took these pictures, my cell phone died.  I was still able to listen to music, email my husband, Instagram, YouTube, Tweet, and Facebook.  I was even able to do a Google Hangout video chat right on the Camera!

When I go out to Vegas and take amazing pictures, I can send it right to Instagram. BAM! If my girl Tara ---(HEEY TARA) says,"Oooh I like that picture, send me that please". I am tapping the screen and asking the destination. As long as I have wifi - ZIP, she has it.  There is free wifi everywhere, but of course there are cell phone plans and devices (found cheap on Groupon and Ebay) that will allow you to travel with wifi all the time. I just can't lose with this camera!

I am an APPLE fanatic.  It is true that I find the computers and laptops superior and prefer to work on those machines.  I got the Samsung Galaxy S4 and after getting over the nightmare of how foreign it was, I discovered all the fast and futuristic technology that has given my blogs and my YouTube videos it's own signature.  All of our Televisions are Samsung and I even have an MP3 player that is just SAMSUNG fantastic.  I have to be honest, Samsung has me looking at the Chromebook like...hmmm.

I LOVED the WB1100F.  I am IN LOVE with the Samsung Galaxy 2.

Here is a short list of other observations:

Cool extras
  • Mounts on selfie stick (Bought me a cute pink one from Groupon)
  • Mounts on tripod (same quality pod I have had since 2007)
  • Easy transfer of files
  • Cools apps same as on Galaxy S4 phone 
  • If I wanted to join my family and change to iPhone 6, none of my Android benefits will be cut having this phone (Yaaay SHOWBOX!!!)
  • Tons of Storage (ability to add additional SD CARD) plus Dropbox ACCESS - We all know Apple products are limited in space and there's no ability to add a card for the additional space you need.  (I use too much space with pictures and video for that and I hate having a full device where I have to hurry and delete pictures to capture a fleeting moment) 
How many times have you went to take a picture with or of something of great importance with little time and discover you don't have room and the pics you have are ones you seriously do not want to delete.  It's happened to me at Bronner Brothers, Concerts, Red Carpets, etc.  NO MORE!!!
  • Easy share to friends and family - Click an email, Instagram, Tweet, Facebook or Whatever.  Shoot a video, edit on the camera, and upload straight to YouTube!
  • Types like a regular upright phone or sidekick (I use to love flipping up my sidekick and typing horizontally on the board, since the camera works on the Jellybean interface, with a screen swivel I have a high technology sidekick experience
  • Easy switch to picture or video (you can be playing Candy Crush and see a celebrity to fan out for, just a click of the button you are on the screen you need for a fast picture.  The lens pops out and takes awesome pictures!
  • Earphone plug
  • NFC technology (Bump and Go Sharing with other NFC devices)


One last thought: If you are All Apple Everything and are NOT familiar with the Android system, this camera will royally piss you off! lol

If you have a Samsung Galaxy of any kind, you will love this camera!  As a YouTuber, I do everything creatively on my Macbook Pro and iMac, there are no issues with transfer between the hard cord and my Dropbox account.  I have a Dropbox business account that allows my pictures and data to be interchangeable everywhere!  All my devices are in sync and my YouTube experiences will be awesome at home or traveling abroad.

For all the techies out there, here are the individuals specs of the cameras:

Samsung WB1100F Smart Camera:
  • 16.2 megapixel resolution with high-quality still images and video recordings
    The red Samsung WB1100F Camera with 16.2 Megapixels and 35x Optical Zoom features Scene Modes, Face Detection Technology, 720p HD Movie Recording and Digital Image Stabilization
  • Samsung 72mm zoom lens with 35x optical/2x digital zoom
    Equivalent to a 24-432mm lens on an analog camera with Centre AF, Multi AF, Tracking AF, Face Detection AF, Face Recognition AF, Selection AF, Glass Lens
  • 3" TFT LCD screen with image editing features
    Featuring Automatic Brightness Adjustment, Graphical User Interface, color TFT LCD screen, hVGA
  • The Samsung wifi camera includes built-in flash with Red-Eye Reduction, Fill-In Flash, Auto On/Off and Slow-Sync Flash

Additional Features:
  • Built-in WiFi and NFC
  • AutoShare saves and shares your photos automatically
  • 21MB built-in memory with 1 SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot (memory card not included with the Samsung wifi camera)
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • ISO Modes: Auto, 3200, 1600, 800, 400, 200, 100, 80
  • File Formats Supported: EXIF, JPEG, DPOF, DCF, MP4
  • The Red Samsung WB1100F Camera with 16.2 Megapixels and 35x Optical Zoom is 4.19" x 2.36" x 0.92"; 6.64 oz

Compatibility and Warranty:
  • Compatible with PC or Mac
  • The Samsung smart camera has a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

Samsung NX mini
Easy to capture those fleeting moments using just the right lens. This slim, ultra-portable digital camera measures just 22.5 millimeters wide. A 3-inch flip-up LCD touch screen is perfect for self portraits, while Wi-Fi capability lets you back up photos and videos, post them to social networks, or send them to friends and family. 
The included 9-27mm retractable zoom lens has an 24-73mm equivalent in 25mm zoom range, providing versatility and making it an ideal walk-around lens. The NX-M Mount and optional adapter allow you to use any Samsung NX lens with this camera (sold separately). 
Key Features: 
Stylishly Slim and Lightweight
Measuring a mere 22.5 millimeters wide, and weighing just 158 grams, the Samsung NX mini is an ultra-slim, lightweight camera with an interchangeable lens, so its easy to carry with you. The camera has a solid metal body bound by a natural, leather-like material for a modern yet elegant look. 
20.5MP BSI CMOS Sensor
With a large 1-inch 20.5MP BSI CMOS sensor, the NX mini delivers amazingly high resolution, letting you capture more of your world so you can relive precise details of every moment with vivid, true-to-life colors. 
1/16000sec Shutter Speed
With a top-end shutter speed of 1/16000 sec., the NX mini can capture all the decisive moments, even when theyre whizzing past, like a race car around the track, or a bird taking flight. 
Get clearer shots even in low light
The Samsung NX mini shoots up to ISO 25600, making it very sensitive to light. That means you can take great looking, natural shots in tricky lighting indoors or even outside at night, with minimal noise or blur. 
Wink Shot
The NX mini makes it even easier and fun to take great selfies. Just give it a wink, and two seconds later it takes the shot. No button necessary. Smile required. 
75.2mm (3) Flip Up and Touch Screen
Samsung Galaxy 2 WiFi Android Digital Camera:
  • 16.3 megapixel resolution with high-quality still images and video recordings
    Featuring 1080p Full HD Movie Recording, Face Detection and Optical Image Stabilization
  • Galaxy zoom lens with 21x optical zoom
    Equivalent to a 23-483mm lens on an analog camera
  • 4.8" TFT LCD touchscreen
    Featuring Graphical User Interface, color TFT LCD screen
  • Samsung Galaxy 16.3 megapixel digital camera has built-in flash with Red-Eye Reduction, Fill-in Flash, Slow Sync, Flash Off, Red-Eye Fix and Auto On/Off

Additional Features:
  • 1 microSD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot (memory card not included)
  • White Android WiFi digital camera has built-in 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • ISO Modes: Auto, 3200, 1600, 800, 400, 200, 100
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI output
  • Cloud photo backup
  • 0.8" x 5.1" x 2.8"; 10.88 oz
  • Pre-loaded Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) OS with Google Play

Compatibility and Warranty:
  • Samsung Galaxy 16.3 megapixel digital camera is compatible with PC or Mac
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

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