Friday, May 8, 2015

PhillyzJamPoetHair: Wigs In The Workplace

I don't care what anyone says, wigs fit in every profession and in every walk of life.  I know it is sometimes hard to visualize a unit you have your eye on and your wardrobe, so I will use a reference from when I worked for MBNA.  As young executives and participants in the Management Development program, there was a strict rule of dress and decorum at all times.  Mr. Cawley believed if you dressed a certain way, you would exude the same energy.  I found him to be right.  My husband worked at MBNA and I understand when you are single and it seems you spend most of your time at the job, you want to kill two birds with one stone.  The problem I often see is when the club gets brought to a professional environment.  You can still be a professional sex pot and not sacrifice your self respect and gas money.  What do I mean by gas money?  In my environment, if you were found to be dressed inappropriately, you were sent home to change.

The BEATEST person on TV besides Clair Huxtable on rerun is Jessica Pearson.  If you watch #Suits then you know Gina Torres is a force to be reckoned with from HEAD TO TOE!

She is my new age SHERO and a lot of her style was what I wore on a daily basis in the banking environment.  My husband found my work clothes more sexy than my casual clothes.  Check this out:

Jessica's hair can pretty much be achieved with a half wig, a sew-in, a U-part, and the list goes on.  Of course the cheapest method is a synthetic half wig.  As you feel more comfortable investing money a gorgeous virgin wig will do you some supreme justice and with proper care last you upwards of 3-4 years.  If you want to go for the more "believable" and ethic textures then you are looking for the yaki , mongolian, and chinese textures.  I have found the ranges of Yaki to be the best.  I have wigs that will currently pull off this look and give me a part when or if I wanted one.


If your hair is long, you can get away with a good 24 to 26 inches of hair styled professionally and let it out when you put it DOWN during happy hour.

You really can't go wrong with duplicating the styles of Donna, Rachel, or Jessica.  What I love most about these outfits simply rests on the fact that they transition to evening attire so seamlessly it's almost a crime.  There have been many times where there would be an event after work and I would be cutting it close trying to go home and change. I have done everything from change over a friend's house to changing in the bathroom after work.  I got wise real quick and found out that a lot of times the transition can be the difference between two small accessories like a hair clip and a blazer.

There is an additional unit that I did recently that can give you the Jessica Pearson look or the Phaedra Parks look and that is this:

She is sporting a similar hairstyle on the #RHOA #Reunion.  On both women you see lovely hair cascading back.  It is an extremely sexy and polished look without being overly complicated.

Wigs help make the world go round! LOL

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