Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Blond and/or Red Hair Dye Will Make Healthy Hair DIE!!!!

Not in a box
not with a fox
not in a shoe
not for some glue


It’s so damaging!  We are talking Missy rapping in back of a Danity Kane video DAMAGED! I thought that I should let you know…
I use to be a dye queen in high school.  I got my hands on one box of Dark & Lovely and it was a WRAP!  I didn’t know much about weave and my image of wigs was just of my Great Grandmother taking a shapeless piece of roadkill, “slathering” Blue Magic on it and brushing it out with a brush in some warm water. (UGH! that is still such a shamefully funny thought).  I can thank my Grandmother LaRue for the love of blonde because she rocked it until the pigment wouldn't hold on to the hair NO MORE!!!  Quite a few people say that she is my Doppleghangher and I have a tendency to believe them, but I digress!!!
To achieve beautiful blondes or reds, you must lift or bleach the hair and that in itself is ready to take healthy hair out to pasture.  The closest thing I came to red in my earlier years was Jazzing.  I am very glad there was nothing available to me or else I sincerely doubt I would be talking to you from such a healthy and dense state of hair.  For example, everyone is talking about how tired they are of seeing Ariana Grande’s ponytails (I said that like I was excluded…lol. I may have wished upon a tiny star for the same a night or two).  Ariana suffered severe damage and lost due to her #RedHairPhase on Television.  She had no idea that she was breaking her hair down and causing the damage she was causing.  

It is just the same as how a lot of these known names do NOT let you know these wonderful great styles they achieved have come at a great cost that they often will use a glam squad with wigs and makeup to cover up.  I know we are supposed to be marching up to Zion singing hymns about how proud we are about our hair, but I prefer health over all and will say if you want to take the plunge into such daring colors, have yourself a merry little lace front.  Let your hair be saved. From now on your troubles will be far away..**cough** why did a Christmas song come to mind in June - I have no idea, but it seemed fitting for the moment,
Blonde and Red hair require quite a bit of maintenance.  The hair has gone through tremendous strains and stress JUST to achieve the color and when the styling comes next, the manipulation just causes more hair to shed.  Say what you want about wigs, but they are a great way to learn about hair without paying the huge cost of your own.  Let’s face it, whether we make the decision to cut it or if it falls out on it’s own, it takes a while to get it back.  Healthy Hair is like good credit…it only takes one moment and one action to ruin it, but it takes years of rebuilding to get it back into shape.  AIN’T NOBODY GOT …(you know the rest.)
Reds fade so fast and it is very easy to strip and dull the color.  

             Go ahead and get a fresh dye job and jump in the nearest public pool full of chlorine water, crouching flatulence, and hidden pee.  Let’s see how your hair turns out. LOL!!    

Moreover there are special shampoo and conditioners that you will need to use in an effort to maintain, retain, and restore stripped color.  Again, it is easier for me to get a synthetic wig that I NEVER EVER have to touch up, or a human wig that will take the beating my natural hair does not have to.
Now that I have told you what all you shouldn’t do, here is your first cost efficient options for blonde or red hair. Ladies and Gentlemen: Isis Collection RCP-290 Teyana.  She is less than $40, she does have parting room, and no matter the wash - she will maintain her color.  

The other excellent part about this style of unit is the dark rooting.  PUT YOUR SHARPIES AWAY - Isis said “We got you boo!”

I have worn this to Bronner Brothers, used it for photoshoots, fun nights out with the girls, intimate nights in with the husband.  It is def fun, lightweight, and the ease of style is mainly a fluff and go!  She is real cute for a synthetic.
I even had my friend try it on and we did a few photos.  I will admit when I first reviewed the Blonde unit, I did not tweeze nor did I fluff out a lot because I wanted to give the general idea of what the wig would look like without setting any expectations according to how I styled it.
You will most certainly need to put your fingers in the wig to get the synthetic shine off of it.  The blonde most certainly looks like #RamenNoodles so please be careful.  A high blonde such as the one pictured as well as any reds requires chemicals that will ravage anyone of any hair texture.  These colors are also commitments and thus if you are not ready to build your everyday look around these units, I suggest you not commit too hard and get yourself a handy dandy synthetic!

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